What is a Plumbing Fixture?


Put simply, any faucet with specific use or application can be considered a plumbing fixture. The primary function of water movement from one place to another occurs in a plumbing system due to the fixtures in a plumbing system. Fixtures are the main tool or part of a plumbing system. Components like faucets and sinks, showerheads, toilets and bathtubs are common fixtures. Even a kitchen tap is also considered s a fixture. Note that different fixtures have a different purpose and use. For example, the toilets are used to primarily dispose of human waste whereas, on the other hand, showerheads are used for delivering water for various activities like cleaning, washing, bathing etc. Therefore individual fixtures have their own set of functions and uses.

What Are the Most Common Bathroom Fixtures That Are Seen in Every Household?

Well, the bathroom is one place in a house with the maximum number of fixtures. When you plan to remodel your bathroom, you can choose from various unique fixtures from the market. The concept of fixtures has changed a lot in the past few decades. Today it’s not only about the uses and function but also the looks. The styles & trends of fixtures have changed drastically. When planning to remodel the bathroom, homeowners can choose more decorative pieces rather than basic ones. With the evolving technology, bathroom faucets also come with touchless features. In the case of sinks, the trend is mostly towards the vessel and under-mounted sinks. However, as per modern trends, bathroom tubs are getting less popular, and people mostly prefer larger showers.

Some trendy faucet choices may include:

  • Polished chrome, satin nickel and brushed nickel classic finished faucets
  • High-necked faucets
  • Single controllable faucets that come with mix & match spouts.
  • Touchless or smooth touch (with on/off feature) faucets.

Now all these, which do not look like traditional fixtures, are actually the modern variety of plumbing fixtures available today in the market.

Are Water Heaters Also Considered Plumbing Fixtures?

Though water heater is a part of the plumbing system in a house, they do not fall under the category of plumbing fixtures. The reason is a water heater is not a permanent fixture of the property. Unlike faucets and shower systems, you can have them removed. However, per the real estate terms, any appliance fixed in a property is considered a fixture. So, a water heater can be termed a plumbing fixture.

Why Should You Call Professionals to Install & Repair Plumbing Fixtures?

Plumbing fixtures & fittings are one of the most crucial parts of a property. Since they’re meant to be permanently fixed in a property, they should be handled by professionals with years of experience. Any wrong installation or handling can lead to serious trouble and interrupt the regular water flow inside a property. When adding plumbing fixtures to a bathroom, all the fixtures should properly coordinate. While many homeowners prefer doing a DIY job to fix or repair the fixture in their property, this might lead to serious trouble. The fitting and the adapters are quite complex and need to be handled by professional people only.

Following are the reasons why professionals should handle plumbing fixtures:

  • They carry the right tool or equipment to fix any plumbing fixture-related issues.
  • They have years of knowledge and expertise in this field. If you find any issues with the fixtures of your bathroom and you are unable to figure out what the root cause of the problem is, you need to call professional plumbers. Since they have good knowledge about the plumbing system, they will figure out the issue quickly and fix it accordingly.
  • Modern fixtures have a complex mechanism, and only a professional knows the working of it. A professional plumbing service can only help you when installing new fixtures in your bathroom.

If you plan to install new plumbing fixtures in your bathroom or fix any ongoing plumbing-fixture-related issue on your property, feel free to call professionals for this task and get the work done within no time. You don’t want to try to DIY any plumbing fixture installations or repairs. If you do so, you can risk doing an improper job that can result in costly repairs in the future. So, trust plumbing professionals to get the job done right.


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