What Home Buyers Will Ask You Before Purchasing Your House


Whether a home buyer is a first-timer or a veteran in the field, buying a house is always a big commitment. To guarantee a fast and efficient transaction in the real estate market, a home seller has to prepare a list of possible questions a home buyer would ask in the market and how to address these queries properly.

Looking for potential buyers may be difficult and prolonging the stay of the house in the market lowers the sale price. So it is a smart move to prepare before you start selling. It’s good that “we buy houses for cash” companies can be a good solution if you need to unload a property as they will purchase your home in any condition.

Whether it’s your first time selling your house or not, it’s best to know what questions home buyers ask before purchasing a house.:

1. Why are you selling?

The reason for selling a house is usually the baseline of homebuyers in negotiating. As a seller, you may be willing to accept a lower offer if it means that you can be out of the home faster, but if you’re not in a hurry to sell, there is very little chance of negotiation.

2. How long has it been in the market?

The length of time a house is in the market reflects the accuracy of the price. A house that is on the market for a prolonged period may be due to pricing too much. The longer the home stays on the market, buyers might think that there is something wrong with the property – prepare for a tense negotiation if this happens.

3. What are the inclusions?

As a seller, you must know what to include in the house to maintain its value. In many real estate markets, light fixtures are automatically included in the house. If sellers plan to take them, it is their responsibility to replace them with basic fixtures.

4. What is the current condition of the house?

The current condition of the house and the price presented in the market come together. There is a disclosure in the real estate market where a home seller generally needs to tell the buyer about any current and previous problems with the property.

It is your competency as a seller to understand that previous problems might lead to another problem in the future. So make sure that if this question gets asked, each foreseen house issue is solved, and the solution worked.

5. What did you like most about your house?

Answering this question may be too personal, but it is a home seller’s chance to present the best the house can offer to the buyer. Try answering this question by sharing your experiences about the neighborhood, home features, and even the tiny sunsets you witness every day.


An effective home seller can answer all possible questions to every home buyer. By doing so, a home buyer would know what they’re getting into before they invest in purchasing a house. The best negotiations in real estate will always include good communication between the seller and buyer.

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