What do I need to do to prepare for my bathroom renovation?


Making the decision to renovate a bathroom is not easy. Not necessarily because of the budget but because not having a bathroom while yours is being renovated can make life quite difficult. If there is not another bathroom in your house you can use, it might be a good idea to stay someplace else during the renovation. Here are some other ideas to help you prepare for successful bathroom renovations Burnaby BC:

Confirm the Timeline

Talk to your general contractor or to the designer who is in charge of this project. Ask if everything has been ordered and when it is expected to arrive: vanity, mirrors, light fixtures, faucets, showerheads, tile, and more. If you want the project to be finished as soon as possible, skip the custom elements and those that are imported from other countries. If you are set on these, order them and move the renovation to a date when everything will have arrived.

Obsessed with Clean

If the sole idea of living in a construction zone with plaster dust getting into every nook makes your skin curl, talk to your general contractor or designer about how the dust will be minimized. Where will plastic sheeting be placed, and by whom and when the cleaning will take place. Make plans to protect the carpeting that will be stepped on to reach the bathroom and where materials will be stacked when they arrive. Also, find out about trash removal and how debris will be disposed of.

Scheduling Rules

If the whole family is sharing a single bathroom, make a realistic schedule, particularly for the morning when everyone needs to be ready at the same time. If anyone in your household has a gym membership, now may be a good idea to ask them to go there to take a shower. And if you have a good relationship with your neighbors, you may want to ask to use their bathroom once in a while!

Organize Your Toiletries

With the new bathroom just around the corner, you may want to do a deep cleaning of everything you have stored in the old one. Toss any products that are old or those that you have not used for a long while.

With the new layout in mind, make a plan as to how you want your toiletries to be stored and displayed. If you need to buy nice baskets to hold towels or containers for your makeup, it may be advisable for you to have all that ready by when the bathroom is complete.

Think Towels

Will you have enough storage in the new bathroom to hold all the towels? You may want to send some to the linen closet and just have on hand those that will be used more frequently in this new bathroom. Take this opportunity to sort all your towels and discard those that have seen better days.

Enjoy the Result

Don’t stress so much about your bathroom renovation that you forget to enjoy the result! You have survived the renovation and lived through the construction zone. Now you know that all the discomforts have been worth it, and get ready to enjoy your new bathroom! After all, you have successfully survived your bathroom renovation in Miami.

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