What are the Different Types of Exterior Doors?


The first thing that visitors will see in your house is its exterior. Once they get closer to the entrance door, the look of it will set the mood of what the entire interior of the house will look like, and that is why most homeowners pay attention to the appearance of their exterior doors. Multifold Doors and Windows provides you with a complete array of high-quality and stylish doors and windows.

People often only care about the visual aspect of the said door, but what they don’t know is the materials that are used for it and the types that can be chosen to suit the style of their home. Check out high-quality white internal doors here and notice how doors that pass international standards are made.

Take a look at these different types of exterior doors, including the famous Victorian internal doors, and see which one is the best to add to your home. Made to measure doors of the house.

Wooden Door

dark brown wooden door

The wooden exterior door is a classic, and it is arguably the most common type of entrance door out of all because of its reliability and rustic look.

Most wooden doors are painted or stained, and you can customize its colors to match the exterior wall. However, you would have to apply stain to it again at least once a year since its colors will fade due to being exposed to the elements outside. Also, doors that are made of wood are highly susceptible to rotting or warping, and if it is placed in your home’s exterior, it will deteriorate more quickly than the wooden doors inside.

One solution that door manufacturers developed to prevent warping is by combining two pieces of the material with their wooden grains placed opposite each other. This technique is used to negate the warping of one piece of wood because the other piece will warp in a mismatched curve once they are both exposed to moisture.

Not only is a wooden door challenging to maintain, but it can also be quite expensive in the market, so even before you spend money for its maintenance, you already have to shell out plenty of cash for buying a wooden door.

There’s no doubt that wooden doors look the best out of all the types of exterior doors, but it comes at the cost of a hefty price tag and a need for constant care.

Steel Door

dark green door made of steel

The second most common type of exterior door, the steel door is often installed to provide better protection for your home.

Because steel doors are made of metal, they will be able to withstand blows much better than most kinds of doors, so wrongdoers will usually be prevented from going inside your home if you install a steel exterior door. Most steel doors also have built-in insulation that can prevent temperatures outside from being felt in your home, and it can also retain the balanced temperature inside.

In addition, several steel exterior doors are coated in vinyl to resist the elements outside that can damage the doors’ parts.

For those who desired the look of wood much better but wanted the benefits of having a steel door, several manufacturers have designed steel exterior doors that have wood grains embossed in them and are also stained in brown or other rustic colors.

On the other hand, if you like the look of a steel door but don’t want its natural silver or gray color, there are several colored options available for you, but you would also have to repaint it every once in a while like maintaining the color of wooden doors.

Aluminum Door

The aluminum exterior door is similar to the steel door because of its durability, but the difference between the two is that the aluminum type normally has a wooden frame.

Aluminum doors have wood color options like steel doors, and they also have insulation applied in them.

However, while steel doors can be bought premade in stores, aluminum ones are custom-ordered, which means that builders would have to measure the dimensions of the space where the door frame will be installed.

Homeowners typically buy aluminum doors since they don’t rust, unlike steel doors, where its parts can corrode over time. But because this type is custom-made, the aluminum door is the most expensive kind of entrance door.

Fiberglass Door

Like steel doors, the fiberglass variant is very durable and can withstand the harmful elements found outdoors. They also require almost no maintenance, which is perfect for homeowners who don’t want to be bothered with maintaining exterior doors that need a lot of care like wooden ones.

The material does not warp, meaning that it won’t change in size or shape slightly, which can cause damage to a door’s frame or even to the wall where it is attached to.

Fiberglass doors can also be painted in wooden colors, but it would require a little bit of care once you put colors in it since you would have to repaint the door once every six months or more.

Backyard Doors

white sliding door

Entrance doors are not the only kind of door that is commonly seen in a house’s exterior, as there is also the door that allows access to a garden or backyard.

A door with hinges can be applied as the entrance to backyards, but the standard type of door installed is the sliding variant, which is made of two doors where one is placed at the front, and the other is located behind it.

Frames used for sliding doors are often made of wood or metal, and the panel at the center is typically made of transparent glass so the people inside can see the garden without going outside.

There is also another kind of door used in backyards called the French door that can be installed as a sliding type or a hinged or swinging type. French doors often have wooden frames, and the rows and columns of smaller frames at the center called center, lock, and bottom rails are also made of wood. The panels between these rails are made of glass, which completes the familiar appearance of the French door.

Because of its importance in enhancing the aesthetic of the exterior, builders and owners usually prioritize buying exterior doors first before buying ones for the house’s interior. Choose the type that will perfectly suit your home’s style and buy a door not only for its appearance but for its ability to protect your home against intruders.

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