Ways to Sell Your House in Los Angeles at the Right Price


With Silicon Beach at the heart of the Los Angeles tech and startup scene, over 500 companies call the area home. These tech giants, alongside the world-famous entertainment industry, have led to remarkable economic growth in L.A. in recent years.

The thriving economy, in turn, has contributed to raising the housing prices in Southland by manifolds. As per recent reports, Los Angeles has been perfect for sellers, with plenty of demand and the median home price hitting close to $700k last summer.

Renowned real estate companies can get you the best offer on your home, often turning it into cash quickly. An online search for phrases such as sell my house in Los Angeles will show you the top agencies in the city. Here’s how they recommend you can sell your house in L.A. at the right price.

Renovating Your House Before Selling it

Homebuyers in L.A. now prefer contemporary homes, with designs such as Proto-modernist Loft, requiring no renovations.

Thus, industry experts suggest remodeling your home amenities for a modern appeal. For instance, changing windows for a chic look and insulation can increase your home value by 20%. And popcorn ceiling removal is the easiest solution to modernizing a space, which will cost you hardly $1,000 in Los Angeles. Such measures can help you sell your home at the best rate with little investment.

Making an Excellent First Impression with Staging

While remodeling your house can appeal to potential homebuyers in Tinseltown, home staging can help you sell off your property when you wish to and at the right price. Typically, the professionally staged homes in L.A. spend 67% less time on the market.

Leading real estate agents recommend decluttering your home interior and rearranging the furniture. With buyers considering staged houses as well-maintained, it will show your home in a better light, ensuring you sell it at the actual value.

Fixing the Best Asking Price

Though you may start your home selling process with an online search for “sell my house in Los Angeles,” assessing the city’s real estate market is equally important. As of March this year, while the median list price of homes in L.A. trended up about 12% year-over-year, the median sale price was close to $880k.

Top professionals can help you with such tasks. You can decide the right asking price for your home, considering the neighborhood and the available amenities in its close vicinity.

Deciding the Correct Time to Sell Your Home

Identifying the best time of the year to sell your house can set the balance between profits and selling speed, enabling you to decide its right selling price.

Considering the latest real estate trends, L.A. market experts advice selling your home in June for maximum profits. On the other hand, listing your property in April can ensure your property gets sold quickly.

Find A Reputed Real Estate Consultant

In April this year, home prices in L.A. were up by 23.3%, compared to 2020, with houses selling within 40 days on the market.

If you wish to make the most out of this positive real estate trend of L.A., it is best to consult an experienced professional. They will assess your property’s correct market value, thus ensuring you sell your home at a price that will enable you to enjoy profits, exceeding your expectations.


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