Ways Families Remember Loved Ones


Remembering and honoring a loved one through so many ways

Things will never be the same again when someone important dies, and you think that you’ll never carry on your usual activities anymore without that someone special by your side. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You still can share your memories of your departed loved one with living friends and family members, and inspire them to share theirs, too. When you remember and honor your loved one, you may discover some things that you didn’t know about him/her when he/she was still alive.

Here are some suggestions:


  • Ways Families Remember Loved OnesCreate a memory box that contains the special items that you and your loved one owned and shared together. Put little notes in it.
  • Make a scrapbook and fill it with photos, notes and other mementos that remind you of your loved one. It would be better if several members of your family and friends contribute to the content of your scrapbook.
  • Make a recording of your departed loved one’s favorite song, or your “theme song” that you used to listen or sing together.


  • Ways Families Remember Loved OnesDisplay selected photos of you and your loved one in a location accessible to you and your visitors. People can’t resist looking at well-placed photos and may ask you questions about your departed loved one. In that way, you’ll be able to reminisce fondly and tell the stories behind these photos to your visitors.
  • Take out the old home videos. It may seem to make you emotional and get you in tears, but at the same time, it’s also comforting to see your loved one on your TV screen. This is better when you watch it together with other family members and friends because this is another opportunity for you to tell stories and reminisce. You may even end up laughing at the crazy and funny stuff your loved one did on your video, inciting even fonder memories.
  • Honor your loved one with his or her favorite tradition. This is one way to carry his or her legacy and keeping it alive. You might want to gather your friends and family members together to celebrate it.


  • Ways Families Remember Loved OnesLight a candle for your departed loved one — especially on his or her birthday, important milestones you had created together when he or she was still alive, or on his or her death anniversary.
  • Visit a place that you and your loved one liked going together. Again, it may make you emotional, but at the same time, you’ll reminisce about all the good times you shared together that makes it all comforting for you.
  • Cook your loved one’s favorite meal or recipe. Or cook your favorite dish that your loved one used to specially prepare for you when he or she was still alive. In that way, you will think and remember him or her while eating it. Better yet, share your loved one’s favorite recipe to other family members and friends.


  • Ways Families Remember Loved OnesDonate money to a charity, or volunteer to help those who are less fortunate than you. This can help you especially if your loved one supported a certain good cause, you may carry his or her legacy by supporting it, too. This way will help lessen your sadness and depression, and at the same time, you’ll feel good about helping other people.
  • Write a personal letter to your loved one, saying that you miss them, the memories you shared together, and many other things that you learn from them. Get your family members and friends to write little notes too for your departed loved one as well. Tie these letters and notes to balloon strings, and release the balloons into the air.
  • If you are hosting or attending an event, or simply have your simple holiday get-togethers with family and friends, do something to remember your loved one during these special times. Leave one chair unoccupied, or light a candle or allow a few silent moments to remember your loved one.


Some of these ways to remember your loved one are even creative and beyond the usual. But in whatever ways you wish, there’s no doubt that your loved one’s spirit will be grateful for the efforts of honoring and remembering him or her.


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