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Home is where the heart lies. Truly, we all want a perfect home for ourselves, don’t we? A happy family and a comfortable  home is everyone’s dream. Here are some useful tips for your home and family, so that you can live your dream!

Health is wealth

A healthy family means a happy home; I’m sure you will agree. You have to always be careful and make sure that your beloved family doesn’t fall sick.

Did you know that the kitchen — the room where you prepare and eat your food — is the area with the most germs in your house? Wash your hands frequently; keep kitchen counters clear of things like keys, grocery bags and other items. Wipe all the surfaces regularly using warm soapy water or with disinfectant wipes. Replace sponges at least once a month, and always wash them thoroughly with soap after using. Wash kitchen rags and towels in the

washing machine with hot water and a bit of bleach.

The toilet is the next place in the house which is crowded by germs. Clean it regularly and teach your kids proper bathroom etiquette. Maintaining proper hygiene is very important for your family’s well-being.

Balance work life and spend quality time

It is not a piece of cake to balance your work and home life, but if you can do it successfully, the rewards are great. Make sure you don’t bring office stress home  or feel home-sickness due to being stuck in your workplace for too long.

Try to make at least a meal together with your family every day. During meals, you can connect with your family, and have a sense of togetherness. You can talk about serious topics as well as the fun stuff. Engage in conversation with your family; communication is key. Ask your kids to join you while you do chores or run errands. They might not want to, but they will feel included in your life and the bond will grow stronger with every minute spent together.

If you can’t arrange fun outings, do something indoors- maybe a fun redecoration of the living room? Light up the room with fairy lights, or maybe light scented candles-make your home a dreamland. Cook special desserts for your kids, they’ll love it. Here’s a tip: get yourself a butane torch, it is not only great for soldering in the workshop, but also very useful as a kitchen torch and is used for making great desserts. You can buy the best butane torch from themostspruce.

Spending quality time is not only for your kids. Make time, especially for your partner. Always ask how their day went, never let the spark fade away. If you have time for nothing else, just express your love for them from time to time.

Make memories, not mess

The chaos of a cluttered home can be really exhausting. You have to go by a cleanliness routine to make sure that your beloved home doesn’t become a messy house.

Establish playtime rules among your children. Make sure that they put away their previous toys before they start playing with the next set of playthings. If you have multiple children, let one of them supervise the others, play the “boss”-to ensure that everything gets tidied up.

Take turns among siblings to make this game fun. Tell your kids that whatever that the vacuum touches will either get sucked up or get thrown in the trash. This way, your kids will make sure to put their favourite toys away in time.

It is also a good idea to teach your children how to clean properly. Surely, it’s obvious that the kids will make mistakes at first, but show them how to do cleaning chores properly- step-by-step, and remember to crank up some music and make it a fun, cleaning PARTY, and not just a boring chore.

If it becomes too exhausting, hire a cleaner once in a while. Being a parent can be really tiring, and sometimes you just NEED to cut yourself some slack!

How to keep your family safe

You need to keep your home and family safe from intruders, and for emergencies. You should conduct an “all hazards” residential safety and security risk assessment. Remember to practice family emergency plans for various scenarios. Execute background checks on anyone with access to your home. You should set family guidelines for what information can be shared via social media.

Teach your children not to open the front door to anyone except you and your partner, or their grandparents. Make your children memorise their home address, telephone number and full names of their parents. Also, teach your child how and when to dial and request help from emergency services.

It’s a good idea to install an alarm system. Keep your house securely locked all the time. Ensure that the area around your home has adequate lighting.


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