Understanding Responsibility For Replacing a Damaged Sewer Line


A damaged sewer line is bad news. Even if there is a small amount of damage it is highly likely to cause a blockage. It can take time for debris to build around the damaged section but, ultimately, the line will be blocked. You’ll then get sewer backing up the pipe and eventually, it will feedback into your bathroom.

That’s a serious health risk and a hassle you don’t want to be dealing with. Of course, there will be signs that a problem is building, such as slow drains or perhaps the grass is growing exceptionally well near the clogged area.

Top Tip: To avoid damage going unnoticed and a clog happening find a sewer camera for sale today and run it through your pipes regularly. It will show you any damage and ensure you are aware of when a clog is starting to occur. This can save you a lot of hassle as you can take steps to rectify the problem immediately.

Who Is Responsible For the Sewer Pipe Repair?

The homeowner is responsible for any sewer line that is on their property. As soon as it leaves your property and joins the main sewer line, it becomes the responsibility of the city. This is one of the reasons why a sewer camera is such an important investment. You’ll be able to insert it all the way to the end of your sewer pipe to check for issues.

While it is possible to run the camera into the main pipe it is recommended that you don’t. After all, if it becomes tangles or lost and causes a clog you could end up liable for the costs. Replacing the main sewer pipe is not cheap.

Dealing With Issues In Your Sewer Pipes

Damages to sewer pipes usually occur when the pipe is old and starting to crumble. It can also be a result of excessive force. For example, if the pipe runs under your driveway and you regularly drive heavy vehicles on your driveway you’ll be exerting pressure on, the pipe. It will ultimately rupture.

Equally, tree roots can be a real issue for sewer pipes. If you have trees near your sewer pipe and their foliage extends over the pipe, there is a good chance the root will too. This will damage the pipe and cause a blockage.

Repairing The Pipe

There are two options when dealing with damaged sewer pipes.

The first is to replace the damaged section. This means digging up the pipe, cutting the damaged section out, and inserting a new piece. It is messy and difficult, making it a job generally better suited to the professionals.

Your second option is to insert a special ‘balloon’ inside the pipe which will cover the damage and allow the sewage to flow smoothly away. This is easier to do and creates much less mess as it is inserted through the pipe. However, it is not suitable for all types of damage.

It’s best to speak to a professional first.

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