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Plumbing faults happen in almost every household. A malfunction can occur in an aged home as well as in a brand new building. Most problems can be avoided, or postponed, by skillful operation of the plumbing system. However, when a fault does occur, it is worth asking for help from a specialist. What faults do plumbers most often repair in homes?

Clogged drain pipes

Unclogged sink, toilet or bathtub drainage pipes are classic problems solved by plumbers. Failure of this type is most often caused by incorrectly constructed water installation and improper use by household members. Pipe patency is affected by the slope of the plumbing system and the proper diameter of the pipes. Pipes that are too narrow are more likely to clog. When installing a plumbing system in your house or apartment, it is worth paying attention that it does not have too many bends and folds. The simpler the installation, the less chance of a blockage.

Clogs caused by operation are particularly visible in the kitchen sink. Food leftovers, grease and hair effectively prevent the free flow of water in the pipes. You can deal with the problem on your own, for example by using special preparations for unblocking pipes, or use the services of a plumber.

Clogged radiators

Faulty radiators can be a real nuisance during the winter months, especially for residents of townhouses and other old buildings. Old cast iron radiators are not equipped with vents that allow you to fix the fault yourself. When should you turn to a plumber for help? If after putting your hand to the radiator, one part of it will be hot and the other cold, it certainly has been vented. At this point there is nothing else to do but call a professional.

The problem of air-conditioned radiators is not only a matter of thermal comfort. Underheated rooms are more prone to the accumulation of moisture and the formation of fungus on the walls, which can have a very negative impact on human health.

A dripping tap

Single drops falling from a faucet are often underestimated by household members. Some even like the sound of slowly dripping water. Nevertheless, this situation should not be allowed to happen. A dripping tap generates a huge waste of water, which is estimated to be as much as several thousand liters per year. Not only does this significantly increase your water bill, but it is also very unenvironmental.

Solving this problem is not a complicated matter. Usually the cause of a leaky tap is an old, worn out seal. It also happens that a leaky faucet is a symptom of a larger failure, so it is worth even to this seemingly small failure, hire a plumber.

Cracked pipe

The most serious fault of those mentioned is definitely a burst pipe. A fault of this class occurs on long-standing and depleted water systems. Unfortunately, it can result in serious damage to the premises and is expensive to repair. In order to avoid such a failure, you should consider replacing the pipes when making other renovations.

What makes a good plumber?

A plumber, like other professionals we can trust, should first of all have the right skills for his profession supported by technical courses (vocational or technical) or various training related to his job, such as reading installation plans. A plumber should also be physically fit enough to get into hard to reach places and have the experience and analytical skills to be able to quickly repair or locate faults as well as connect all the elements of a plumbing system efficiently and professionally so that they work perfectly. A good plumber also knows how to use different kinds of tools, both electric and manual, and has no fear of heights, because this job also involves working at different heights. Other equally important qualities that distinguish a good plumber are good eyesight, stress tolerance, accuracy and availability.

Check out reviews

One of the main things to consider when looking for plumbers is checking their credentials. Checking their credentials will be one of the first steps to see if a plumbing group is qualified to do plumbing work. We should all understand that most states require all plumbers to be licensed before they start working.

When checking the credentials of those plumbers that you are going to hire, make sure that they are authentic or not. You can start this process by checking if the company you intend to hire is licensed. If it is insured, it means that it has plumbing contractors who have met the required requirements.


When deciding to hire the services of a plumbing company, it is a good idea to sign a contract that guarantees your safety and your right to make any claims against the contractor. In this type of agreement should be the provisions talking about the scope of work performed, the deadline associated with the commencement and completion of work and a full estimate containing both the prices of materials and labor. It is also important to have a guarantee on the services rendered, so that in case of any failure we can count on free repair of defects for a certain period of time.

Where to find a good plumber

The best way to find professionals in the field of plumbing is to consult various specialized platforms, which have in their database only verified and professional experts or simply enough to use the advice of a person familiar to us, who can recommend us a trustworthy person, so that we gain confidence that our order will be done with the greatest care.

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