Top Luxury Home Marketing Ideas Revealed


Your performance and delivery are almost all that matters in luxury home marketing; a good thing there’s always room for improvement, leading to more effective real estate marketing.

So, have you been brainstorming, trying to come up with better luxury home marketing ideas? Do you feel like your current strategies are no longer effective? Get your luxury home marketing ideas here. We’ll be dropping the very best, most influential real estate marketing ideas in 2021 here in this post.

We’ll break down our discussion into two categories: online and offline luxury home marketing strategies. You can also click the link to find out the top real estate agencies in usa.

Online Luxury Home Marketing Ideas

The internet is now a world of its own: most importantly, however, is the fact that you can easily target potential home buyers using this medium. Both residential and commercial realtors competing in this market. experts can help you be identified online by more potential clients in your area when it comes to real estate seo.

Here are some strategies for online marketing:

1. Ads

Ads top our list—and with good reason, backed by actual research. Social media platforms (Facebook, for example), and other platforms such as Google, believe it or not, have more than enough info about potential home buyers of whatever Luxury Home you intend to sell.

These platforms have unique means of targeting and routing just the right clients to you. For instance, in posting Facebook ads, you can set parameters to target audiences in particular countries, states, local regions, ages, among other classifications.

Running Ads on search engines is quite different from social media: here, you can target specific keywords that best describe your product. We live in a world where potential buyers first go to services such as Google to search using exact keywords such as “Luxury homes for sale in *.”

What then happens if you target these keywords? Do you see? Your Ad is served directly to potential buyers!

2. Dedicated Websites for Single Properties

Of course, most agents have websites to showcase what they sell: but unlike the lot, you’re a luxury home agent. It would be best if you made the home you intend to sell classy. The idea of a dedicated website (unlike a website that contains multiple listings) is simple: you create a website just for a single property —the luxury home in question.

The website will be a simple landing page that contains video tours, detailed photos, short write-ups, and agent contact details. Don’t single-property websites for luxury homes have a way of screaming VIP? Simple websites (just one page is enough) are incredibly cheap to host these days. Try this strategy and see how it goes.

3. Detailed Video Tours

Whether it’s a casual or professional video tour, videos have a unique way of capturing your potential client. I mean, put yourself in your client’s shoes!

Even simple videos could go a long way. In making amateur video tours for the property in question, you record yourself walking around, touring the viewer: opening doors, cupboards, and showerheads. However, for luxury properties, it is recommended that you get a professional to do the job if you suck at it 🙂

4. Writing/Blogging

Writing/blogging is by far one of the most underrated online marketing strategies in the real estate business! Writers have a way of taking the beautiful features of whatever it is you’re selling, putting words together, and making the whole thing pop!

“Writing isn’t my stuff” shouldn’t be an excuse. You can always hire a writer. Great marketing blog posts will go a long way in boosting your sales. The idea of blogging is writing about your adventures, marketing campaigns, and, most importantly, customer testimonials.

Another crucial aspect of writing for marketing is using the proper luxury home marketing verbiage! Hot words such as “Sexy,” “Lovely,” “Seductive,” and “Romantic” actually sell more! E.g., describe your home as “the most romantic setting in *place*

Offline Luxury Home Marketing Ideas

ALL RIGHT! So much has been said on online luxury home marketing ideas. Although the importance of “online” in luxury home marketing cannot be overstated, there are, however, some critical strategies outside that category. We’ll briefly discuss them below:

1. Ignite a Bidding War

The journey of igniting a bidding war among your potential clients starts by taking the fair market value of the luxury home in question and slightly reducing the price. The aim is to attract even more potential buyers!

More buyers translate into more appointments by the buyers, and subsequently, more offers. In igniting a bidding war among potential luxury home buyers, the central idea is to make more potential home buyers “fight” for a particular property. — a gratifying art! Here’s a good resource to get you started.

2. Get Others to Do Your Work

Here’s where networking skills come in. The central idea here is to get others (Friends? Colleagues?) to directly or indirectly do your work.

Note that we are not endorsing a parasitic relationship between you and your friends/colleagues here —as it’s vital for you to keep healthy relationships in this business. A typical example of this strategy is, for example, getting your friends who have artistic talents to stage homes with art; This shows off their work and also goes a long way in advertising for you. You get the idea.

3. Face-to-Face Marketing

Humans are wired strangely! Most times, you only need to highlight the key points why a particular luxury home will be perfect for a specific client, i.e., tailoring the features of the property to match the status/condition of your client! Is the potential client single? A parent? Living with his/her spouse? —living with their kids?

Give them strong reasons why that property is the perfect one for them while sounding as natural as possible. Perfect this art and watch how the numbers of your successful trades go over the roof!

4. Print Marketing

Postcards, newspaper ads, flyers, and brochures all fall in this category. Get professional photographers to capture the beauty of the property, not just in daylight but also at sunset and night view! Most luxury homes usually have special lighting that makes the property and its surroundings come to life at night. Capture its beauty in your flyers, brochures, and consider direct-mail!

So, there you have it. The above-listed sample luxury home marketing plans can go a long way in improving your delivery. Most importantly, however, is to track your marketing strategies and know what works for you.

Also, in anything you choose to do, try to utilize both online and offline methods: this will go a long way in helping you reach a wider audience!

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