Top 4 Places To See With A Motorhome

We live in weird times, when traveling just isn’t what it used to be – nowadays, with the pandemic around, it’s more like a farfetched reality that involves more stress than pleasure. However, even before the pandemic, do you remember how fast those hotel bills and travel expenses piled up?

Why not invest this money into a motorhome? As the old saying goes – It’s nice staying in new places, but nothing quite feels like home. However, with a motorhome, you get the best of both worlds by being able to travel and discover new places without actually leaving the comfort of your home.

To inspire you to make this purchase and show you how many possibilities you receive with it, we prepared a list of the best places to visit in the UK with a motorhome. Before making any final decision, make sure to research a list of motorhome manufacturers so that you know you receive the best deal you can get.

The Lake District

Whether you’re looking for a breath of fresh air or want to sightsee the beautiful greenery of the UK mountains, the Lake District National Park is certainly a destination you should check off your list.

Being one of England’s national parks, the Lake District provides you not only with beautiful fauna and flora but also the opportunity to experience a spectrum of outdoor activities, such as taking a boat trip throughout one of the many lakes. The Lake District is not only a great place to take your family for an outdoor excursion but also is an ideal location if you’re looking for a romantic weekend getaway.

A motorhome is undoubtedly a useful feature while visiting the Lake District, providing you with the accommodation you’d require to fully dedicate a few days to discover all the park has to offer. We won’t even mention the feeling you get when lying outside while watching the midnight stars from this spectacular place – you have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate the beauty of the area.

Devon & Cornwall

The South of England is a great destination not only due to its stunning scenery but also because it is an easy to access region with many highways, which guarantee an easy journey to the Southern towns.

The colorful countryside, paired with coastal hamlets and its local restaurants serving excellent fish, is a dream come true for both culinary lovers and travel enthusiasts. By inhaling the climatic ocean breeze in an outdoor cafe, you will not only be able to clean your lungs out of cities polluted air but also enjoy a moment of comfort and true relaxation.

Cornwall provides numerous campaign places, which will allow you to easily park your motorhome and head to explore the beautiful coastlines. The many restaurants situated on the beaches’ promenades will let you dine with a stunning view and an ocean breeze.

Snowdonia & Anglesey, Wales

The stunning views of Snowdonia in North Wales can make you not want to go back home. The town, which is considered to have the best beaches in Wales, can not only show off its breathtaking views and kilometers of hiking trails located all along the coastline but also its never-ending list of outdoor activities that you can take part in.

It’s a perfect place to escape city life’s stress and relax with a breeze of fresh air.

Snowdonia can be easily accessed by the M6 highway, guaranteeing a smooth trip in your motorhome! We can’t promise that you won’t miss the hustle of the city, but we can ensure that with all that Snowdonia and Anglesey have to offer, you will not be left disappointed.

The Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland

We have Wales, we have England, so why not talk about Northern Ireland and what it has to offer as well? There are amazing adventures and excitement when you try road trips in Ireland. Visit all the infamous locations from Games of Thrones, as well as the breathtaking views of the Giant’s causeway.

And if you wish to go out of your motorhome and relax on a beach, our recommendation would definitely be to visit Benone Beach. It’s a place where you’ll be able to forget about your problems and inhale the ocean breeze full of minerals that it has to offer- and a personal tip from us, the view is best enjoyed with a glass of wine (or two)!


A motorhome is not only a great way of traveling across the country (and outside), but it can also serve as an everyday home if you want to try a more minimalistic lifestyle. By combining a place to stay and a mean of transport, you don’t have to worry about the extra expenses that can quickly pile up, such as staying in hotels, eating out at restaurants, and the costs of travel tickets.

In addition to that, you’ll never have to worry about leaving things behind in the hotel room, as it will all be in your motorhome! We’re definitely already packing our bags, are you?