8 Thing You Should Know Before Moving To Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful yet cheap place for you to live and has benefits like low tax, low real estate cost, great education, and rich diverse culture. You’ll also enjoy endless entertainment in myrtle beach sc that you could never find in other places.

It is your summer vacation. You are done with exams, perhaps with help from test takers for hire. You have a lot of free time in your hand to spend with your family. Suddenly, you have an amazing idea, why not go visit the beach?

You can even book a hotel near the beaches to spend some extra days there and enjoy the sea, the sun, the exciting environment. Sounds like a good plan, right? But what if we tell you something even better? Rather than just visiting the beach for a few days, just shift your house near the beach.

Sounds difficult and expensive? Myrtle Beach has got you covered. Now why Myrtle beach in South Carolina? Why not any other area?

Here are a few reasons why we think you should pick Myrtle Beach-

1. The Popular Area

The Grand Strand is the main place where most houses are located in the Myrtle Beach vicinity. It is a great place for tourists since most of the famous hotels are in this area.

But as more and more tourists come and feel that Grand Strand is actually a really nice place to stay permanently, more housing spaces have opened up slowly. As a result, the area is quickly getting populated with new residents.

Because of an increase in the number of new residents, plenty of Myrtle Beach Homes For Sale are available at great prices.

2. Cheap Houses, Amazing Experiences

The houses located in the Grand Strand are relatively cheap they are cheaper than the national average. According to the Cost of Living Index, they score 95.1, 100 being the national average.

Even though they are located in a very popular place, you can see the houses are quite cheap.

Myrtle Beach is well known for its lower real estate cost but costs higher than average in terms of grocery expenses and utilities. So you know you are getting a lot out of being a resident here already.

Because of the low housing costs, you can spend a little more on some backyard decorations like a nice barbecue spot or an amazing deck.

3. Friendly Environment Of The South

The southern part, where Myrtle Beach is located, is famous for its sweet tea. But there is one more thing sweeter than that, and that is the friendly environment the Myrtle beach has to offer.

The neighborhood is really friendly and staying here even for a month will make you realize why the Southern part, including Myrtle Beach, is so popular for tourists.

There are also plenty of community activities you can take part in because of the diversity of the place.

Religious, cultural, professional organizations always look for people to join and you can also be a part of that wonderful community and experience its diversity.

4. Cozy Whether

One thing many people find difficult to deal with is extreme weather. No one likes to deal with a harsh weather environment.

South Carolina has none. The winter here is acceptable and although it gets a bit warmer during summer, rainfall now and then cools down the atmosphere.

In the winter, the lowest temperature is about 15 degrees and the warmest temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. So you can see the temperature is not something you will find difficult to accommodate.

5. Low Taxes Means More Fun

We have already stated that the houses here are pretty cheap. So you can save a lot of money right from the start. But savings do not stop there.

The taxes in this area are also very low compared to other states thanks to their tax laws

There is no tax for social security. There is also a generous retirement policy for anyone working there.

6. Wonderful Educational System

The educational system is also refined here, so you do not need to worry about sending your child to a mediocre school. There are two universities, a technical college, and some trade schools that are excellent in their ways of teaching.

We have the famous Horry County School and Coastal California University to ensure quality education.

7. Job Sectors

You know what is the most popular thing in Myrtle beach right? The beaches and tourism. So, it is only natural that there will be a lot of jobs related to tourism.

If you were employed in your previous place, you can just quit it and apply for a job here because there is an opportunity for everyone here.

With an unemployment rate of only 6.9%, you don’t have to worry about your source of income.

8. Trusty Financial Institutions

The place has local and national banks that you can trust for your safe monetary transaction when needed.

You will find Bank of America, First Citizens Bank, and Conway National Bank at your convenience. There are also plenty of local businesses that offer great mortgage rates.

As for insurance, Grand Strand Insurance Services, State Farm & Southern Coast Insurance Group should have you covered.

A Few cons

You have seen the beautiful side of Myrtle Beach, so it is only normal that we tell you about a few cons of living here and some of these are-

Heavy Traffic

Since Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist spot it gets crowded during vacation times. So be prepared to remain on the highway for a long time during peak season.

Allergy problems

Myrtle Beach is very green with a lot of trees. Hence, it is only natural that during the spring or summer times, a lot of pollen will be floating in the air, and sometimes it may irritate you if you have a quick allergic reaction.

While there are no particular bug problems in the beach area, you can always follow this handy pest-proofing guide to keep your place clean from bugs.

Final Thoughts

Myrtle Beach is a very wonderful place to live in. No place is perfect, but the opportunities Myrtle Beach provides, very few places, can do the same. Being one of the coastal places with miles after mile of beaches for you to live in, it is a nice destination for anyone who wants a cheap yet aesthetic living place. The cons of this area get dwarfed by the benefits you receive. So, why wait? Pack your luggage and move to Myrtle Beach right now.