Top 3 Best Rotary Tools 2021


It`s an indisputable fact that the main advantage of all multitools is their ability to combine several useful and expensive tools in one case. Moreover, regardless of whether you are engaged in manual labor professionally, or it is your hobby, such a tool will never lay idle. Rotary tools occupy a special place among such instruments. A right model can replace a dozen devices, thus saving your money and time. I looked through customer reviews and sales ratings and highlighted the three best rotary tool models for 2021.

Dremel 4000

Multitool Dremel 4000 from the famous self-titled company opens our top 3. The model is characterized by high-quality assembly, durability, and a broad set of accessories and attachments that expand the functionality of the tool.

The device is powered by a network, has a convenient case with rubber covers, thus lying very well in hand. The equipment weighs 1.5 pounds and has a 6 ft cord. The 175 W motor contributes to high performance. The variable speed in the range from 5000 to 35000
RPM means that the tool automatically adjusts its power, selecting the most suitable mode. The precise speed adjustment, in combination with a soft non-slip handle, allows you to control the progress of your work entirely. Still, many experienced users advise reading the manual points dedicated to the purpose and maximum speed for the selected tooling.

When buying, the user receives a convenient plastic case, which, in addition to the tool itself, contains special nozzles. Depending on the chosen model, you may get from 30 to 50 accessories and from 2 to 6 attachments. Additional elements can be used for all types of routing, cutting, wood carving, and polishing. Attachment changing occurs with the help of a wrench screwdriver from the set. It allows you to tighten or loosen the collet or chuck and change the consumables. The kit includes such attachments as the flex shaft, circle cutter and straight edge guide, shaping platform, multi-purpose cutting kit, shield, lawn mower, and garden tool sharpener. Other 30-50 accessories are the multi-purpose consumables for all types of work.

The cost of the 4000 2/30 kit is about $120. The full equipment range of the 4000
6/50 will cost you $150.

Dremel 4300

Another representative of the Dremel family is the Dremel 4300 model. This multitool features a lot of similarity to the previous model, at the same time having a number of improvements both in design and in the set of accessories.

This versatile tool performs abrasion, grinding, milling, and cutting equally well. Constant electronics provide extra power to maintain maximum productivity when processing soft and hard materials. The same convenient body and control buttons, like in the 4000 model, contribute to the highest accuracy even when working in uncomfortable corners, inaccessible, and poorly lit places.

Nevertheless, unlike Dremel 4000, this model has a 360 ° LED pivot light in front of the instrument to see everything down to the smallest detail.

The weight of the tool is 1.18 pounds; the length of the power cord is 6 feet. Engineers equipped this rotary tool with the same 175 W motor with variable adaptive speed switching in the range of 5000-35000 RPM.

For an accessory change, one uses speedier universal 3-jaw chuck technology. There are two kit options – 5/40 and 9/64, i.e., five or nine attachments and forty or sixty-four accessories. Dremel 4300 5/40 model possesses the following attachments: pivot light, lawn mower and garden tool sharpener, shield rotary attachment, multi-purpose cutting kit, and sanding/grinding guide. Forty consumable accessories are designed for carving, engraving, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc. The broader set includes almost the same elements.

Dremel 4300 5/40 costs $112. Dremel 4300 9/64 is 88 dollars more expensive – $200 per item.

TACKLIFE Rotary Tool 4/80

Finally, I`d like to close my review with the budget rotary tool by the Chinese TACKLIFE brand. At the moment, this model stays at the top sales list on Amazon. Most customers love it for the rich kit and much more friendly price in comparison with the same Dremel multitools.

The instrument is corded. It features a rather heavy (3.6 pounds) black and orange body and 135 W motor with the system of variable speeds. Six speed options give a 10000- 32000 RPM range.

Here the manufacturer provides us with 4 attachments and as many as 80 accessories. We have a flex shaft, detailer grip, shield, and cutting guide. Together with 80 consumables, they form a perfect setting for all kinds of crafts like cutting, grinding, carving, engraving, and so on. The process of accessory change is performed with the help of a pin. It`s located next to the chuck and regulates the fixing of nozzles.

Besides the instrument, accessories, and attachments, you also get a plastic case, 2- year warranty, and manual.

Despite such an abundance of extra nozzles, the price of the rotary tool is four (!) times cheaper than the cheapest Dremel multitool. It costs $30. Perhaps, the item can`t boast of the same quality and durability, but users note that it`s still a reliable model. And the combination of the set and price makes it one of the best rotary tools available.

In conclusion, I`d like to note that all three rotary tools meet different requirements, but the choice of the best will depend on your skills and need for a piece of particular equipment. If you are a professional worker or engaged in the DIY craft at an advanced level, then most likely, it`s worth choosing between Dremel 4000 vs. 430. They are of higher quality and more functional. If you just try yourself in these crafts and want to find a fairly multifunctional model at an affordable price, a TACKLIFE tool will be one of your options.

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