Top 2020 Home Interior Design Trends in Australia


Australians celebrate large living spaces, decorated with beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. However, the landscape of home interior designing in Oz is ever-changing and often considered expensive.

Did you know that every one in six Australians has interior designing on their wish list, but cannot afford the price tag?

Consulting an experienced home stylist like Advantage Property Styling can fulfil your dreams of elegantly designing your home interiors and that too cost-effectively. Here are a few latest interior designs that can lighten up your home and keep it up-to-date with the most relevant interior styles.

Using the Perfect Colour Tone

Those living in coastal cities like Perth are going to love the colours trending at the moment since they embrace the natural look. Forest greens, dusty pinks, and navy blues, along with clay-based neutrals for accessories and artwork, will do wonders this year.

Australian homes, typically, have white kitchens. 2020 is all about breaking the design rules, and the moodier colour tones are here to make your kitchen space livelier. It is time to get bolder with deep navy and charcoal cabinet finishes.

Australia is known for long-lasting timber, like birch and ash, which are quite expensive. And so, the laminate timber finishes, being indistinguishable from the real thing, continue to rule the market for their colour and texture.

The 70’s Influence Is Back

The 70’s Australian trend saw florals with a vintage look, macramé, and handmade-look tiles, which brought in an element of imperfection in home interior designs. The trend is back in 2020!

The eclectic Bohemian details shout out the 70’s vibe, and that is what you will see this year with textured fabrics and pottery items.

More and more millennials are opting for locally made artefacts. A talented Australian property stylist like Advantage Property Styling will add handmade elements to the home interior designing.

Terrazzo Is In

Terrazzo stone is becoming the hot favourite of property stylists, surpassing the popularity of the gleaming white Carrara marble.

This composite material appears in bathroom splashbacks, but you can expect to see them on benchtops and homewares. You will notice the earthy tones through the floors and wall tiles.

As the chips become larger and colours bolder, terrazzo will transform into a full-blown royal reign this year.

An Interior Design to Last Long

Australians prefer a more extended lifetime over affordability, and thus not ready to compromise the quality of elements that define their living space.  You can check out options like Incredible Kitchens benchtops and others.

The furniture pieces with smooth curves are trending, replacing the straight boxy lines. When paired with darker, earthy colours, they give an excellent balance between styles that suits every Australian household.

It’s All About Texturing and Layering

The Australian interior design trends make superb use of the latest textile elements, which is a thing among the younger generations. The chunky knits like macramé and boucle have become essentials, with their unique fibres alluring all.

Also, velvets will continue to allure those looking for fringe detailing and soft-touch material for a high society lifestyle.

According to the top Australian home interior designers, 2020 is the year for mosaic tiles, rattan furniture, exposed bricks, and textured accessories. Consult an experienced property stylist, who can create a wow factor while setting the perfect interior design for your home, suiting you and your lifestyle.

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