Things to keep in mind while buying a bed riser


Bed risers are frames that help you to raise the height of the bed. There are many reasons why people need to increase the heights of their beds. Some want to elevate the height and make the bed comfortable; some want to make space for storage, and some do it to make cleaning easier.

Buying the best bed riser is easy; one just needs to pay attention to a few things before buying the perfect bed riser. Ladi6 is the best site to get all the information on bed risers. It provides reviews on all the bed risers available in the market and what you must buy. It is an affiliate of Amazon. It helps website owners to earn advertising fees by giving them a platform for advertising.

Here are the things to keep in mind before buying bed risers

  • Choose wooden bed risers

  • Measure the proper height

  • Measure the size of the bed

  • Count the number of legs in the bed.

Choose wooden bed risers

Bed risers come in two materials – plastic and wood. The plastic bed risers are okay for kid’s beds, and single units, however, aren’t the right choice for heavier beds. Wooden Bed risers are durable, especially ones made from oak. These kinds of bed risers can take more weight and last long while plastic ones can give away.

Make sure you get the height correct

The primary purpose or bed risers is to increase the height of the bed. So, one must buy the bed riser with the appropriate height. To choose a bed riser of perfect height, one first has to decide on the purpose of increasing the height of the bed. If one wants to store something underneath the bed, then measure the height of it, and then get approximate bed risers.

Size is important

Not only is the height essential but also the size. The size of the bed riser makes sure the bed does not slip out from the riser while one is sleeping. That’s why one must get the accurate measurements of the bed before getting a bed riser.

Count the number of legs

Most of the bed risers come like a set of 4 because most of the beds have four legs. However, what if your bed has six legs? For such cases, one must be prepared and count the number of legs that require a bedpost.

After explaining the features that one must keep in mind before buying a bed riser, here are some of the top-rated bed risers in the market to make your purchase easier.

Whitmore Bed Risers


Whitmore bed risers are the most affordable bed risers in the market. They are cheap because it is of plastic. But the plastic is highly durable and can sustain heavyweights for a long time.

These bed raisers have a standard height of 5.25 inches, and one can’t change the height. People who solely want to use a bed riser to get on and off the bed can use the Whitmore Bed risers. The bed risers are hollow at the bottom, which makes it easy to stack together and store.

Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers or Furniture Riser

These bed risers by Home – it is the most popular bed risers in the market because they not only increase heights of beds but of any furniture with poles or legs. These bed risers are adjustable, meaning they come in sets of 3 inches and 5 inches. One can adjust the height according to the preference.

Moreover, Home – It bed risers are made of Polypropylene. It is a material that’s highly durable and does not give in quickly. The base of the risers is also made from Polypropylene, which makes it easier on the hardwood or sensitive floors, where furniture can leave marks and dents.

iPrimio Bed and Furniture Risers

iPrimio Bed and Furniture riser can be used for beds, as well as furniture and even refrigerators. The riser is square in shape, which makes it multi-functional. It has a foam base, which prevents any damage to the floor.

The top of the risers has a groove that can fit the bed perfectly. There won’t be any case of slipping and damage. One can use many risers together to form a stack and increase the height of the bed to the desired height by using iPrimio bed risers.

Utopia Bedding Furniture and Bed Risers

The Utopia Bedding Furniture and Bed risers are made from plastic. But the plastic can sustain heavyweight for a more extended period. It comes with four anti-slip foam bases, that increase the pressure distribution at the bottom. Which prevents the slipping of bed from the frame and prevents any damage.

It has risers of 2 inches each, and one can stack one above the other to increase the height. Each riser can lift about 10,000 lbs. of force without any deformity or dent. The design of the bed risers are modern, and their raise edges make it effective. Bed risers do not slip from under the bed.

Before buying a bed riser, one must be aware of the size of the bed, and the height one wants. Then one can go ahead and choose from the variety of bed risers mentioned above.

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