Things To Consider When Choosing Oak Floors


Flooring is an important aspect of any home. Important factors in the choice of floors include individual preferences, cost, strength, and durability.

Some homeowners in the Melbourne area prefer hardwood floors such as oak floors. The preference for Oak Floors Melbourne is basically due to their longevity and simple looks. However, if oak floors are not selected based on the right considerations, they may not be that long-lasting.

The following are the things that you should consider when choosing oak floors:

  • The Finished State of the Wood On Delivery

Oak floors can either be purchased as site finished or prefinished wood. Site finished wood needs to be finished on the site after the installation of raw wood. Prefinished oak wood flooring comes with the stain and topcoat applied before site delivery.

Prefinished wood is a great choice for the reason that it requires a lesser installation time. It gives buyers an idea of the final installation results. This tends to aid the process of improving the interior design of the spaces, especially in fast-paced projects.

It’s an entirely different story with site finished wood. Here, clients have to rely on the skills of the contractor to finish the wood perfectly after installation. This option also allows for a lot of customization if the homeowner has specific finishing choices. Therefore, the decision on the type of wood finish to use depends on the requirements of the homeowner.

  • The Moisture Content

Moisture content is a very important factor in hardwood flooring. Less than optimal moisture content may cause warping after some time. The optimal moisture content for hardwood is between 8 to 12%.

The contractor must confirm the moisture content of hardwood to the client. Homeowners must measure the moisture content on site or ask the supplier for a certificate bearing the details.

  • The Existing Sub Flooring and Suitable Oak Flooring

The subflooring of a home determines the type of oak floors you can install over it. The two types of installable oaks are solid and engineered oak flooring. Engineered oak flooring has a top layer of oak wood and layers of plywood, all bonded together. It has the advantage of preventing floor movements because of the natural contraction and expansion of the wood. On the other hand, solid oak flooring is a uniform mass of hardwood which allows movements.


The three commonest subfloors are concrete slab, plywood, and particle boards. For concrete slabs, engineered oak flooring is an easy option for the direct installation. If you want solid oak flooring, you need to install the plywood first. Plywood subfloors are good for the direct installation of solid and engineered oak floors. Particleboard subfloors have to be replaced for any new installation to take place.

You must bear in mind the sub-base before purchasing oak wood flooring to factor the cost of plywood. Also, engineered oak flooring, while it has a huge advantage over solid wood, can be rather expensive.

  • The Wood Surface Finish

There are many finish varieties. The two broad categories of wood finishes are oil and polyurethane. Oil finishes are known to create smoother and glossier finishes, while polyurethane surfaces create a hard topcoat that prevents wear and tear.

The wood finish is an important factor when you consider the traffic in the area and the preferred choice for future maintenance. Polyurethane finishes are great to prevent slips in kitchens and homes with children but they’re not as attractive as the oil finish oak floors. Oil finish requires frequent maintenance but the maintenance is easier to do. Polyurethane finish lasts longer and requires occasional but intense maintenance.

  • Your Budget

Anyone opting for oak flooring needs to have a clear budget. Factors that may lower or increase a budget include the oak type, finish, and origin. Therefore, a budget can help choose the type of oak floor, the finish, etc.

A budget also guides the wooden floor contractor on which propositions to make for your oak flooring project. Clients are wary of telling their budget before a quotation. However, professional contractors can use the information as a guide and not a means of exploitation.

Final Thoughts

Oak flooring is great when carried out by professional contractors. Oak floors provide a naturally beautiful and sturdy surface for homeowners to move around in their homes. Slip prevention can be achieved by using the proper finish.

While people may prefer site finished, prefinished, engineered, or solid oak wood, these choices can increase or decrease the cost of the oak flooring project. Optimal moisture content prevents future warping of oak wood in damp environments. Follow the tips above to choose the right oak flooring for your home.

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