Tips and tricks on designing a more sustainable interior


Only if we all chip in to do our part and live a more sustainable life, only then we can relax a bit more and hope that the environmental changes can slow down and not severely harm our livelihood. To prevent excessive use of materials, endless resource scavenging and things like deforestation, we have to start valuing quality over quantity. This doesn’t have to happen overnight, but we need to start thinking about the future to have a better today and a brighter tomorrow for everyone. Let’s begin from our homes and learn how to design a more sustainable environment indoors!

Reclaimed and reprocessed goods

We tend to buy things that look brand new. This is great but when you take into account billions of consumers worldwide, you might start to wonder whether the planet is suffering too much strain.

What most fashion homes, interior design teams and businesses, in general, are starting to do is advertise reclaimed and renewed resource integration. For example – you can buy glass décor that is made from recycled glass bottles or you can buy wooden decorations that are made from reclaimed wood for example.

Energy-saving and smart solutions

Smart systems are not the cheapest purchase, but they are definitely worth every penny. Instead of spending time going to your heater and adjusting every single thing through endless twists and turns of many knobs, you can just click your phone or remote control for a while and things will happen. This will save you time, energy and most importantly – money.

Smart security systems are especially useful because you can monitor and control who enters and who leaves your property.

Long-lasting, durable goods

Instead of buying cheap and buying often, buy expensive, but buy rarely. There is nothing worse than knowing when a certain thing when fall apart. It’s much more comfortable to live being in complete confidence of your home and knowing that the environment which surrounds you can be depended on.

For example, you can purchase cheap, thin siding which is very affordable and won’t set you back too much. However, both in terms of looks and dependability, this is much inferior to something like burnt wood. The latter looks elegant and has better coloring, but it is also much more durable and resistant to various threats & hazards that harm regular wood or common materials (moisture, pests, fire, etc.).

Plants and ‘Green’ areas

If you have a garden or at least a small greenhouse, you’re much better off than a lot of people. Imagine another situation like the quarantine lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. Imagine having something like that only much more severe. This is not a lovely scenario, but besides adding a very colorful and exciting vibe to your home, plants and greenhouses do add some flexibility and versatility to your lifestyle.

Infographic Provided By The Solar Energy Company, Route 66 Solar

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