The Undisputable Advantages Of Installing Bi-Fold Patio Doors


Bi-fold doors have gained significant status recently, especially among designers. They have become somewhat a standard in the Grand Designs episodes. Bi-fold doors’ popularity stems from how they allow the maximum amount of light to enter indoors while maintaining utmost privacy levels when needed.

The doors have a solid build and ease of use, hence why bi-folding sliding doors are a perfect fit in both residential and commercial buildings. They are a top choice for those who want to enjoy more natural lighting or transform an outdoor space into an extra room. Visit to find the perfect solution for your home.

But the pros of bi-fold doors are many and are not limited to the following:

Slim Profile

Folding patio doors boast a slim design that makes them less conspicuous than the French doors and standard patio doors. Installing slim profile bi-fold doors in your patio will help enhance visibility without compromising strength while also delivering a more modern look and feel.

Low Maintenance

With material options such as UPVC and aluminum bi-fold patio doors, the maintenance is minimal and mostly done to keep the doors looking good as new for years. Much of this maintenance entails the occasional wash down and periodic oiling and wiping using a dash of the recommended polish.


The folding doors are designed to stack neatly to either side of an aperture, leaving adequate room for people to move freely in and out of a room. The sliding patio doors and French doors may not be ideal for the more confined spaces such as opening out onto the decking or balcony. However, the bi-fold patio doors will not interfere with the access because they neatly fold away to the side. Moreover, their low threshold makes them the right solution for the disabled and wheelchair uses who need wider access with minimal steps.

Safety And Security

The slim profile folding doors are designed with the maximum glass area possible for unhindered outdoor visibility when close. The doors have exceptional weatherproofing and outstanding thermal efficiency. The bi-fold doors offer adequate access while also being highly secure, hence why they can be used in commercial and residential environments.

Modern Contemporary Looks

May of the bi-folding doors have a very sophisticated folding and sliding setup based on well-researched technology to ensure they are trouble-free after installation, working faultlessly for years. Such a versatile design makes them exude an aesthetically pleasing presentation befitting the modern contemporary structures or properties and the older period buildings.


When installed as exit points into the yard, then bi-fold patio doors offer a seamless integration of your interior and outdoor space, allow for free movements out onto the garden and into your home.

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