The Reasons Why All Water Is Not The Same In The USA.


If you’re one of those people that thinks water is water and it doesn’t change from one location to the next then you would be mistaken because there is a big difference. This is why many Americans invest in a water softener because they know and understand the many benefits that it provides. Water can commonly be referred to as hard or soft and the hard stuff contains calcium and magnesium which leads to a build-up of the limescale that you probably see in the bottom of your kettle at this very moment. If you were curious to know what this was at the base of your kettle, then now you know.

If this is all news to you then you need to contact the Water Doctors because these are the people who know and understand water and all of its intrinsic ingredients. If you don’t take steps to soften the water that flows within your house or business then it could end up costing you a significant amount of money because it will damage your major appliances like dishwashers before their time. There are significant reasons why you need to invest in a water softener and the following are just some of those.

  • Less money spent on cleaning products – If your water is hard then it makes it really difficult for many soaps and detergents to be as effective as they are made to be. The whole cleaning process is changed and not for the better and this will affect you, more than having a shower, washing your vehicle or washing the clothes.
  • A more efficient heating boiler – We rely heavily on our boiler to provide us with hot water first thing in the morning when everyone has to take a shower before setting off for school or going to work. If you continue to let hard water flow around your home then this is going to leave deposits that will cause blockages and damage your boiler. In many cases, a heating boiler can have its useful lifetime cut in half due to the limescale that builds up.

As well as saving you money when it comes to buying your appliances, the right kind of water softener is incredibly good for the skin on your face and body. If you have found recently that your hair lacks volume then it’s probably because your water is too hard.

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