How Women Have Broken Stereotypes and Become Empowered in Online Gambling


Just like most other industries in the world, women haven’t always been welcomed in the world of gambling – after all, gambling was very much male dominated. For a long time, it was very much a “boys’ club”, and even as times began to change and females were slowly moving into previously male-dominated sectors, they still weren’t exactly welcome.

Regardless, however, this hasn’t stopped women from breaking through into online gambling. In fact, women have taken back the control, managing to empower themselves within the industry and break gender stereotypes in ways that haven’t been done before. Indeed, the change is still an ongoing process, but women aren’t merely entering the realm of online gambling – in fact, they’re excelling in it, forging vibrant communities along the way.

From professional poker players to casual gamers, women are making their mark and reshaping the landscape of online gambling in profound, positive and exciting ways. Here’s how females have become more involved in the online gambling industry and have started to change gender stereotypes in the process.

Increased Participation

One of the most obvious and important ways women have changed in the online gambling industry is by simply participating more. Indeed, females have been participating in various forms of online gambling, including sports betting, poker, casino games and E-sports wagering.

Indeed, by merely participating and making it clear that women can get involved with online gambling and actually enjoy it, they’re challenging long-held stereotypes.

Community Building

A big part of online gambling is about the community that it creates and nurtures, and women have become actively involved in building supportive and inclusive communities within the online gambling world. They have taken it upon themselves to create social media groups, forums and online communities in which female players can share tips, strategies and their experiences.

These communities provide a safe and welcoming space for women to connect, learn and thrive, potentially encouraging more women to enjoy online gambling.

Professional Female Online Poker Players

The idea that women can’t or shouldn’t get involved in online gambling is largely based on stereotypes and misconceptions that it’s something only men should do.

However, females have been making significant strides in things like professional poker especially, both in online tournaments and live events. Players like Kristen Bicknell, Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree are among some of the most successful professional female poker players in the industry.

Skill and Strategy

The more females have become immersed in the industry, the more they’ve been given the opportunity to showcase their incredible skill and strategic prowess in the online gambling industry. It’s no secret that female players often excel in games that require deep strategic thinking and decision-making, such as poker and blackjack, and this directly contradicts the common stereotype that women are less adept at mastering complex gaming strategies.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

Women have actually been some of the most actively involved in the promotion of responsible gambling practices within the online gambling community. This proactive approach challenges the stereotype that gambling is inherently irresponsible and harmful, and women have played a significant role in changing the perception of online gambling.

6 Ways Women Continue to Empower Themselves in the Online Gambling Industry

We’ve seen a variety of ways in which women have already broken stereotypes and become empowered in an industry that was not created for them, but how can females continue to make strides and empower themselves and others in the online gambling industry?

Here are 6 ways women can empower themselves and other females in the world of online gambling:

  1. Skill Development: Investing time in improving your gambling and gaming skills can not only improve your skills but your confidence and competitiveness too. Women can enhance their knowledge of games by joining tutorials and forums, and even getting involved in practice sessions.
  2. Network and Community Building: One of the best things to do is to consciously build connections with other women in the industry who can provide support, opportunities for collaboration and mentorship. By joining online communities, social media groups and forums, women can share advice and experiences to help each other progress.
  3. Mentoring: Many people say that gaining from the industry means that it’s your turn to give back, so it can be incredibly valuable for women who have had success within the online gambling industry to share advice and their experiences with those who are less experienced.

This can be helpful for women who are looking for specific advice, but it can also be positive for women entering the industry to see women higher up who have been successful. And better yet, for them to hear about these women’s experiences, especially if they started out in similar positions.

  1. Education and Awareness: Ensuring that you’re educating yourself about gambling practices, industry trends and industry regulations is essential to be able to successfully navigate the online gambling industry successfully, safely, and effectively. This can help give women an extra edge as they’ll only play at trusted sites like Jackpot Wheel casino rather than those that are not licensed or regulated.
  2. Pursuing Leadership Roles: Actively pursuing leadership roles can be intimidating, it can empower women to begin shaping the direction of the industry as a whole. By being bold enough to take on positions in leadership, women will be able to influence practices, policies, and even cultural norms within the industry, leading to big changes in the future.
  3. Representation in Media and Marketing: Supporting media and marketing campaigns that portray women in diverse and empowering roles within the gambling industry can help challenge stereotypes and encourage more women to do the same. Furthermore, it’ll show other women and girls that the industry isn’t only for men, encouraging more women to get involved in the industry in the future.

Final Thoughts on How Women Have Broken Stereotypes and Become Empowered in Online Gambling

Although the gambling industry is still male dominated in many respects, women have made significant strides in recent years to become more active and hold leadership positions too.

The most exciting aspect of this issue is the ways in which women are continuing to break barriers – by being bold, increasing their involvement and building each other up, there are no bounds to what women can do in the online gambling industry.

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