The New Trend of Polished Concrete Flooring and Why You Should Consider

The Romans were the first civilization known to have used a form of what we now call concrete. They mixed together volcanic rock and lime, creating a mortar that was used to build with. Enterprising people, the Romans, known for their many innovations that are carried through into the modern world.

Concrete as we know it now is a different material to that used in Rome, but on entirely the same principle. Its mixed with water, allowed to set, and can be used in buildings and also as decorative fittings. Used across the world for construction, concrete is ubiquitous. You will not visit any major town or city without finding buildings in concrete. 

What we are talking about in this article is a specific finish for concrete, that of polishing. What is polished concrete all about, and why is it becoming the choice for flooring in many warehouses, factories and other industrial and commercial buildings? Lets get down to business and look at what polished concrete is. 

Why Polished Concrete? 

Concrete is a notably tough and durable material, hence its use on floors that will get a  lot of heavy traffic. However, it is not immune to damage and can quickly become dirty, Concrete gets chipped and worn across the years, and is often stained by oil and other deposits. This leaves the floor looking tired and unkempt, and not a great advert for when you have potential or existing clients visiting. 

So, whats the difference with polished concrete? Have a look at the website of Concrete Treatments Inc and youll find many examples of what polished concrete can achieve. Its more attractive than standard concrete, its durable and easy to clean, and theres more. Lets say you have a large concrete factory floor that features damage from across the years. The answer is to replace it, yes?

Well, no! The answer in terms of cost-effectiveness and longer life is to engage the services of a company such as that mentioned above to repair your existing concrete floor and bring it up to standard as a refreshed polished concrete floor. How is this done? By way of modern techniques and equipment that they are expert in using.

Your concrete floor will be given a full make-over. The damaged bits will be ground away and removed. The gaps will be filled, and the end product will be polished to a superb finish that will look stunning. In fact, polished concrete can look so good that it has been used not just in industrial settings but also in domestic homes and retail units. What else do you need to know about polished concrete? Lets have a look!

More About Polished Concrete

The many reasons why concrete is popular in flooring and in construction include it being easy to lay, cheap and also hard-wearing. Polished concrete goes that step further. Not only can it bring a lovely shine to the surface, but it can also be coloured. Furthermore, a professional polished concrete floor provider can add decoration, floor markings, your company logo, giving it that added attractiveness that makes it stand out from the crowd. All of this is surprisingly affordable when considering the alternatives and makes great sense if you have recently taken over a building and want to give the floor a refresh that makes it look as near to new as possible. Its by far the cheapest option in terms of rejuvenating industrial and commercial flooring and meets all the required health and safety regulations. 

In the home, polished concrete is often used in custom new-builds as a flooring element. It gives a room a fresh and unusual look that can be covered should you wish and uncovered if you want it to be a feature. Used on walls, polished concrete is the way to go for a super-modern result that will stand the test of time. 

Concrete and the Future

Concrete is the worlds most-used building material and will more than likely remain so as long as it is economically viable and easy to lay. While the standard finish of concrete is far from attractive, polishing puts a new look to what is a simple material, and the colouring and decorating options take things to a different level. Polished concrete is undoubtedly here to stay and will become more popular as people begin to see the benefits of renovating an existing floor over laying a new one.

If you have a concrete floor that is looking worse for wear or has notable damage to it, why not have a chat with the experts about getting it renovated as a polished floor? Its certainly the best way of having a beautiful floor without the need for great expense and long delivery times.