The most creative uses for All-in-1 solar street lights


Lighting can really turn things around. It can take your space from mediocre to really luxurious and well-designed. And as proof, consider these incredible solar powered road lights here. While good lighting can be expensive, we’ve come up with a solution that is eco-friendly and can also be a great conversation starter. Using non-conventional pieces in your home is the new trend. That’s why we’ve got 5 creative ideas for you to use solar street lights inside your home to upscale the value of your space.

The advantages of all-in-1 solar street lights

These all-in-1 solar street lights have wireless management systems, which means there’s no room for shabby. They come with a classy look. They’ve got highly efficient solar panels, which makes the most of energy available to them throughout the day. The LED lighting consumes little and expels less harmful substances into the environment. They’re completely adjustable, so you get a 360 degree coverage.

You can choose from a variety of four models, which also have smart motion sensors, so you end up saving a lot of energy. These make the perfect example of the green revolution in the world of energy. 

1. Lighting up your yard

If you’ve got a large area for your yard, you might know the struggles of lighting it up well enough, especially if you do enjoy spending your time outside. There’s always corners that stay darker, making them really creepy, and potentially dangerous spaces. If you use a solar street light in your yard, you can be assured that there will be uniform lighting all over. Of course, we recommend you add some little lighting pieces here and there to add a little more style. 

2. An out-of-the-box bar

There’s never a dearth of Bar Wall Décor Ideas, but a bar with street lights? That’s a sight you’d rarely see anywhere. Here’s how you can make it work. Set up your bar in a large balcony or the terrace, or even the garden. Give it a modern, concrete look. Not only will this be easy when you have to clean up after accidents, but it brings in a whole look together. Most people go for a lot of glass. Bars usually look delicate, new, and full of sensitive glass. A more rugged look for your bar screams that you’re creative and adventurous.

A solar street light right in the center of a circular bar allows the bar to become the centerpiece at a party, radiating light in all directions. As this bright light travels through the different coloured bottles and glasses, you can get a really cool, independently lit, and fun to play around with effect. 

3. Parties and events

We’ll admit, this idea is not all that new. Street lights are very commonly used for parties and events. But the reason we include these is because the street lights we talk about, have special technologies that can really help if you’re using them for such wide-scale events. Being solar lights, you can charge them throughout the day and use them during the night. This can save you a lot on your electricity bill. Being adjustable, you can move them the way you like, so the cost of installation is not that great, and you’ll end up needing less lights!

With the motion sensors, you don’t even need to worry about keeping too many of them on throughout the night. 

4. Some lights around your pool

But of course, this is where the motion sensors really come in handy. We’ve all seen the romanticized version of high school kids breaking into someone’s pool and partying for the night. But when you’re the homeowner, this can be dangerous. With motion sensors, you can always know when someone’s in or around your pool. There’s no way they can get around that.

But even otherwise, bright lighting around your pool always makes sense. You want to be able to see any wet spots, and identify gunk in your pool before you dive in head first!

5. A bright source for your terrace

If you want to make your house look pretty from afar, here’s another non-conventional idea.  Fix a low pole on top of your roof and install the light on it. You want to place it in a way that lights certain areas of your house that you want to highlight, without drawing attention to the not-so-perfect sides.

A setting like this really takes home beautification to the next level.


These are a few ideas to bring street lights into homes. The all-in-1 solar street lights, of course, are perfect for their original use: highways and roads, corporate plants, site perimeters, schools and universities, parks and recreational spaces and such. The all-in-one design makes them perfect for high-end distribution. But amongst these, which idea stood out to you?

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