The Minimalist’s Way Of Doing Laundry


Recently, more people have lived and practiced minimalism. People have found a minimalist way of doing so, even in doing laundry. Practicing minimalism has lessened your trips to the laundry service nearby. The practice has made laundry easier, less time-consuming, and more cost-efficient. But, how come not all know how to do minimalism properly?

These people do not know that the minimalist way of doing laundry starts with simplifying their wardrobe. Before, people relied on laundry pickup and delivery services instead of simplifying their wardrobe. They did not know simplifying one’s wardrobe is not having much laundry to clean.

Minimalist Laundry Tips

Apart from minimizing your wardrobe, these are the other ways not to help you feel unorganized and overwhelmed:

1. Declutter Laundry Products

The most obvious tip in practicing minimalism is to get rid of clutter. Decluttering removes unnecessary things that may complicate the laundry process and waste time and energy.

Declutter all the laundry cleaning products in the laundry room. Place the products in one spot where you can check out the items when you need them. If you have several laundry cleaning products, it is best to find what works for you, and that’s what you should use.

2. Rewear Clothes

Some people immediately place their clothes in the hamper after wearing them once. It is best to assess the condition of your clothes before dumping them into the hamper. If it is not smelly and visibly dirty, you do not have to wash it immediately. You can wear your clothes.

In the minimalist way of doing laundry, it is important to remember that you should not wash more than you need to.

3. Group Clothes with the Same Color

It is best to sort laundry by color before you wash it. It helps you avoid the risk of color transfer and keep your clothes bright and nice.

Believe it or not, you have several clothes of the same color, and that’s probably your favorite color group. The minimalist way of doing it is to sort your laundry by color.

For example, your casual clothes have only two groups, black and blue. You can wash the black items with your undergarments while the light-colored clothes can be paired with the blue ones. It may sound complicated at first, but sorting your laundry according to its color actually helps.

4. Use Same Style

Using the same style of clothes is the ultimate minimalist tip. Although this tip does not apply to everyone, people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs use the same outfit style. It makes their lives a lot simpler. However, do not force yourself on this tip. You can still enjoy other things.

The minimalist way of doing laundry is a new habit a person has to develop. You have to stay consistent to spend less mental energy on doing it.

If you like the minimalist way of doing laundry, you do not have to minimize your wardrobe and get new things. Instead, slowly build a habit of being a minimalist.

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