The five recommended kippot you can buy online


Jewish services are held in a temple called a synagogue and are led by a priest known as rabbi. The sacred symbol of Judaism is the memorandum, a chandelier with seven arms. Among the rituals, we can mention the circumcision of boys (at 8 days of life) and Bar Mitzvah which represents the initiation into adult life for boys and Bat Mitzvah for girls (at 12 years of age). Jewish men wear the kippa, a small cap, which represents respect for God when praying. Almost all Jewish men use kippa because this is a mandatory hat and also the identity of them.

There are many types of kippot (the plural form of kippa) available on the market. They are the result of the development of material design and technology for thousands of years. Among them are black crocheted kippa, blue crocheted kippa, black kippa, flat kippa, Bukhari kippa, knitted “basketball” kippa and many more. They can all be obtained easily at jewish shop sites. By buying online, you have more choices than buying offline. You simply check the online catalogs to choose the latest types.

The following are some kippot that are recommended for purchase online:

1. Black crocheted kippa

The kippa is suitable for those of you who don’t want to stand out. This kippa is sold at an affordable price; only $ 11.50. If you have black hair, you might not look like you are wearing kippa when you wear this.

2. Bukhari kippa (52 cm)

This kippa combines a variety of colors and Central Asian style. It is inspired by Jewish communites living in Iran and Central Asia. This kippa is sold for only $ 5.00.

3. Crocheted Kippa – “comprehensive light” – white with blue stripe

This kippa is the “standard one”. White in simple design, this kippa is suitable for any Jewish man. There is a blue stripe surrounding the kippa. It is made of quality material so it is not easily damaged. You can get this for $ 10.00.

4. Knitted “basketball” kippa

Its design is truly unique with a basketball motif. But do not worry because this has been permitted by Jewish law. Suitable for use by young Jews, this kippa is sold for $ 10.00. You can still be religious as well as stylish.

5. Dark blue kippa with Magen David Embroidery

This Kippa has an exclusive design. Measuring 17 cm with quality fabric material, this kippa is suitable for use by Jewish teenagers who want to look trendy. One thing that makes this kippa unique is the embroidery of Magen David on its upper surface. You can get this kippa on the Judaica website for only $ 8.99.

New kippot continue to appear with increasingly attractive designs, luring young Jews to use them all the time. With the convenience of shopping online, you can now buy the ones you want at affordable prices. Some products even provide free-delivery facility. Are you ready to buy one? Just type some keywords on Google and find it!

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