The Dangers Of Cleaning Windows in Winter


Cleaning your windows is one of those tasks that people don’t particularly care about – until they realize our dirty their windows are. Then they find themselves in the dead of winter wanting to clean their windows, running the risks of doing it.

Risks, you say?

Yes, cleaning your windows in the winter isn’t as simple as during the fall, spring or summer months. A lot can go wrong if you don’t prepare for it.

That’s why this article will highlight a few ways cleaning windows in the winter is dangerous, and the best ways you can do it safely!

Five Ways Cleaning Windows in Winter is Dangerous

You can Slip & Fall

Cleaning those hard-to-reach windows requires you to climb a ladder, balancing yourself on the cold, frosted ground below. That’s a dangerous project to undertake as you run the risk of slipping and falling off the ladder, which can result in serious injuries.

The Ladder can Shift

There is also the fear that because the ladder is placed on an icy and slippery surface that it has a tendency to move, causing you to stumble and fall off it, resulting in life-threatening injuries.

Snow Falls On You

Snow has always been an unstable element to deal with, whether you’re driving on it or cleaning your windows. Be careful to note if there is any hanging or large chunks of snow above your head when cleaning your windows, as any movement might cause it to fall on you.

Shards of Ice Fall On You

Similar to snow falling on you, but so much worse. Ice dams and frozen icicles can crack off the edges of your roof, and smash you right in the head, causing very severe and bloody head injuries, including concussions, fractures and intense bleeding.

Window Breaks

You’ll be surprised at how often people use hot, boiling water to clean their windows during the winter, resulting in the glass cracking and breaking all over the place. Not only do you risk getting seriously injured (now or in the future when the glass breaks, or if there are pieces that were missed during the cleaning), but you also have to pay to get a new one installed immediately, or you’ll have cold winds and snow blow into your home.

How to Clean Your Windows in Winter

There are two ways in which you clean your windows during the winter months: 1) Do it yourself or hire a professional window cleaner.

1. Do It Yourself

If you insist on cleaning your windows yourself, then make sure you do it right. Wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, jackets, and boots.

The gloves and boots are vital for your safety. The gloves can ensure you can grip the cleaning fluid, equipment and ladder safely, while the boots will ensure you have a firm grip on the ladder and ground.

You should also wear a helmet and goggles to protect you against any falling snow or ice. If you are using a ladder to reach exterior windows, ensure that someone is holding it to prevent you from falling.

And always clean your windows with cold or lukewarm water. Do not use hot boiling water at any time, even to remove marks or stains. Use a cleaning solution or formula (homemade or store-bought) to remove it.

2. Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

If you don’t want to run the risk of cleaning the windows yourself during the winter, then we suggest hiring a professional window cleaner. These are the experts that have the right cleaning tools, equipment and safety gear to handle all types of window washing throughout the winter.

Just a few tips before hiring a window washer:

  • Make sure they have experience in cleaning windows in the winter
  • They offer package deals and incentives (like gutter cleaning on the side)
  • Use pure water and no chemicals during the cleaning process
  • Are open and direct about their services
  • No hidden fees and have a clear pricing structure

So there you have it! Some of the dangers that come with cleaning your windows in the winter, and most importantly, how you can get them cleaned. The best course of action to prevent any major window issues in the winter is to clean them before the season starts. That way, you minimize any extensive work during the cold! For more information about cleaning your windows in the winter, speak to your local cleaning experts.



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