The Best Storage Solutions for Your Garage

The garage is perhaps the most under-used room in the house – most people no longer use it to actually park their car, and it is frequently given over to long-term storage or as a ‘junk’ room. You can make more of your property by installing some purpose-built storage solutions, keeping your garage neat, organised and the items you store easily accessible. Here are our top recommendations for storage solutions for the garage. You can also contact Modula US if you are looking for advanced storage solutions and vertical lift modules for your business.


Save floor space by storing little-used or bulkier items above ground. Ladders and cycles can be stored neatly with specifically designed hooks, or you can suspend shelves from the ceiling for even more versatility. You’ll need to make sure you haven’t positioned your shelves in such a way that they interfere with the garage door opening, and always make sure to suspend shelves from joists rather than any weaker parts of the ceiling.


Shelving is a much better way of storing your goods than boxes/cabinets. You can easily see what you have and where, and accessing your belongings is super-easy. You can choose between installing shelves to wall studs, getting free-standing shelf units or combining the two worlds with shelf units that are anchored to the wall for maximum stability. Make sure you get the right kind of shelving for the job – wire shelves are an inexpensive choice and provide good airflow (stopping any build-up of musty air), but they won’t support heavier loads. For those, you need timber or solid metal, both of which can be found from plenty of suppliers in a large range of sizes and configurations.


If you use your garage to store your tools, you can do a lot worse than installing peg boards or louvres. These allow you to organise and access your tools easily and quickly, they’re extremely tidy and they let you see at a glance where your tools are. No more rooting through your tool box – just pick the tool you need from your wall display.

Wall hooks

A great number of household items can be stored on wall hooks – from sporting equipment through to garden tools. Don’t just lean all your brooms, rakes, hoes and loppers in a corner – hang them individually from hooks for a better, space-saving storage solution.

Sports and camping

Sports equipment can take up a lot of space – but whether it’s skis, canoes, golf clubs or a couple of tennis racquets, you’ve often spent a lot of money and want your kit to be in good condition when you need it. Choose longer and deeper shelving for this kind of equipment to ensure that it is safely and securely held in place, or use ceiling strapping to support the larger items. This will give a good amount of airflow (stopping mildew or mould from forming) and keep your expensive equipment out of the way of incidental knocks and bumps.

Tents and sleeping bags can also be stored in this way, while smaller camping items (lamps, maps, cooking equipment, etc) can be grouped together on smaller shelving units.

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