The History of Chandeliers

One of the most striking décor items you can have in a room is a chandelier. They’ve been around for…

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Tools Needed to Texture a Ceiling or Wall

A home that has a textured ceiling and wall looks lovely. Wall and ceiling textures can add a new character…

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Learn About the Different Types of Ceiling Textures and Drywall Options

One of the most challenging jobs in decorating homes is choosing the best drywall finish or texture for ceilings. It’s…

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Great Looks for Ceilings

When it comes to revamping a home’s interior, a lot of people focus on painting the walls and changing the…

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Guide to Conventional Ceilings

A conventional ceiling is the ceiling type we commonly see in homes. It is usually 8 feet high but can…

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Guide to Coved Ceilings

A coved ceiling is a ceiling design that has curved edges instead of sharp angles between the ceiling and walls…

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Guide to Cathedral Ceilings

A cathedral ceiling or also known as a vaulted ceiling is a great ceiling choice if you own a home…

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Guide to Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is also known as drop ceiling. It is a type of finish that is hung just below…

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Guide to Tray Ceilings

A tray ceiling is also known as an inverted or recessed ceiling. It can be made of almost any material.…

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