Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 4 – Supplements and Herbs

Healing process still ongoing I am finding that treating Lyme disease is not just about taking antibiotics. It is about…

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Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 1 – What the heck do I have????

First, let me start with a little background information on myself. I stay at home full-time with my four kids…

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Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 5 – Test Results In!

Test Results In! I received the results of my blood tests, which Dr. McFadzean ordered for me. Instead of going…

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Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 3 – My Visit With Dr. McFadzean

Now in San Diego for another test After seeing 3 neurologists, 1 podiatrist, and 1 orthopedic doctor, I am in…

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