Swimming Pool Repair, Service, and Remodel? Do you Need Any of These?

As long as your pool is in use, wear and tear are bound to occur. This calls for repairs once in a while. Sometimes, the repairs may mean a total overhaul of some sections. A well-serviced pool, however, may help minimize the need for such repairs. Besides repair, you may need to remodel your pool to fit the current trends. All About Pools is your perfect partner for all these pool-related services.

Below we look at different reasons why you would need pool repair, pool service, and remodeling. And check out the link if you are looking for expert professionals who can do pool liner repair and renovation.

Reasons Why You Need Pool Repair

Cracked walls: this needs urgent attention as it could be a health hazard. Cracked walls could mean water in your pool is mixing with contaminated water from outside. Leakages may cost you thousands of dollars as water sips out of the pool to the surrounding areas. This may also weaken the surrounding soil causing your pool to collapse.

Dirty water: If your pool is well maintained and there is still dirty water, the main culprit is usually a blocked sand filter or faulty pool pump. You need to change the filter after 3 to 5 years. The pump should be checked often too. If faulty, it can be repaired or replaced with a new one.

Torn Vinyl Pool Liner:  A good vinyl pool liner should last between 6-12 years. However, this is not always the case as accidents happen and the liner gets destroyed. Exposure to ultraviolet rays could also lead to damage. If your liner has a more than 3 inches long tear, you may need a professional for replacement.

Faulty Heating System: You will need to call a professional if your water heater is not functioning well and the pool water is cold. This could also require a total overhaul of the heating system if the current heating system has been in use for a long time.

Peeled Plaster: Chemical use in pools causes the plaster coating to peel with time. The peeled sections attract algae and can also be unsightly. Plastering the walls in full is advised since partial patching falls off with time.

What Does Pool Service Entail?

Pool service entails cleaning your pool using chemicals such as chlorine and servicing pool equipment. Major equipment includes filters, motors, and pumps. A swimming pool service technician is a professional mandated to service your pool.

Benefits of Professional Pool Services

Hygiene and Health Risks: a well-serviced pool keeps away infections caused by germs and bacteria. The use of proper chemicals and cleaning techniques ensures such unnecessary infections are prevented. E.coli is one of the bacteria found in pools resulting from the presence of fecal matter.

This results from fecal matter getting rinsed from swimmers’ bodies due to not showering before swimming. The other cause is naughty swimmers intentionally defecating in pools. Other pathogens found in pools include Shigella bacteria, Salmonella, Legionella, and Norovirus. With a thorough service, chlorine is strong enough to kill most bacteria within a minute.

Right Chemicals Use: a professional is well trained on the type and the right chemicals to use. These chemicals have to be mixed in the correct ratios to ensure balance in the pool water. This means the pool is well maintained, and swimmers do not get affected if chemicals are used in high concentration.

Early Detection of Internal Problems: service by a professional helps avoid problems that could be fixed if captured early. A professional can easily identify a problem in your pool, some of which are hidden. A persistent problem is not only difficult to repair; it could cost you more compared to if it was discovered earlier.

Pool Remodeling

Below are vital reasons why you should consider remodeling your pool.

Personal Style: If you are not happy with your pool presentation, you don’t have to keep it. The pool can be remodeled to your tastes and preferences.

Modern Look:  this involves renovating and adding additional features to an already existing pool. Remodeling gives your pool an appealing and modern look.

Additional Features: This may involve adding more features such as lighting, pebble finish, a jacuzzi, spa, waterfalls, led lights, and custom rock features. Additionally, you may consider solar heating, adding a new and appealing plaster, and even installing a saltwater chlorination system.

Reduced Costs: improved features such as solar heating systems can help you save money for electricity use.

Property Valuation: Presentation is everything during property evaluation. You want your pool to look the best to fetch your property a high value. A modern and stylish-looking pool will most likely impress the valuer compared to a neglected old pool.

A swimming pool is a great investment; engage a professional for all your pool needs. All About Pools is your perfect partner whether you need servicing, repairs, or remodeling.