Stylish outfits with sexual harness for women


Nowadays, sexual harness made of genuine leather is becoming more and more popular. It is an essential addition to any look. It can be used to freshen up an entire outfit and add courage and mood. In the online store, there is a huge range of leather accessories for every lover of products with a unique design. They make all products based on the individual parameters of the customer’s body so that it fits perfectly to the figure. The best models are presented in their shop. Another of their main advantages is the use of high quality premium materials. Genuine Italian leather and metal fittings, high professionalism of the craftsmen will allow you to get the best quality product at an affordable price. If you need to receive a product on a specific date, you can indicate this at the time of ordering and they will deliver it to you on time using express shipping worldwide.

Dress code for a party with best womens leather sexual harnesses

The same person can behave completely differently depending on what he is wearing. The clothes we wear have a tremendous impact on our behavior and mood. If you want to demonstrate your character, create the right impression, then you cannot do without leather sex harnesses. Leather straps will accentuate your figure and draw attention to the desired body parts: chest, hips and waist. This very extravagant accessory is very popular in the fashion world. Increasingly, it can be found not only at fashion shows, but also at theme parties and everyday use. An irreplaceable detail just a must have for every fashionista.

To choose an image for a party, you need to think over every detail of the outfit. An elegant women’s harness requires the right combination. It is better to refuse necklaces, beads, bracelets, massive rings – they do not fit into the concept of such an outfit. But bunny or cat masks and other fancy decors will come in handy. A leather mask is a bold solution to create a fantasy look. It can be matched to the sexual harness body. It will create a playful mood. A choker will be an ideal decoration for your neck. You can combine it with both a lacquer outfit and ordinary clothes: jeans, a skirt, a T-shirt, a jacket. It all depends on your taste preferences and your favorite clothing style. Experiment, try on different looks – and you will find the perfect one for yourself. However, remember: be careful with spectacular details. A harness, a dress with a plunging neckline and a choker will make the look vulgar. Consider the occasion, follow our advice, and wear leather accessories the right way.

Basic rules for wearing a harness:

  • Pair them with plain clothes.
  • Adhere to the principle of contrast: for light things – a dark harness, for dark clothing – light.
  • Do not combine them with checkered shirts, polka dot blouses, or other garments with bright patterns. The accessory will not stand out in this contrast.
  • Remember that the width of the harness straps should be appropriate for your height and figure. Wide belts are suitable for plus size women, thin belts are for all types of figures.
  • Do not use massive necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry together with leather sexy harnesses. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be overloaded and tasteless.

If you think of attire for the little things, you will look stylish, catchy, and at the same time not vulgar. Care should be taken with garters, because they look pretentious, provocative, and with an inept approach, they will turn out to be defiant or vulgar. The list of requirements and restrictions depends on the occasion – one thing is a private party or an intimate meeting, and another is the image in the office. You can combine sex harness for women with dresses to create a romantic look. In this case, add high heels and a handbag. It is better to refuse a lot of decorations. After all, there will be enough belts here that emphasize every bend of the body. To always stay in trend, be bright and show courage and self-confidence, add details such as woman sexual harness to your outfit.

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