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Electric trikes and bikes have taken over the entire vehicular industry by storm. They’re fast, eco-friendly, cheaper to travel on, and highly comfortable. Traveling throughout the town on your electric tricycle is also great for carrying cargo. The third wheel in an e-trike gives stability and helps the rider to ride comfortably and handle heavy loads. However, if you are wondering how far you can commute on an adult electric trike or how fast you can move around the town making deliveries, you’ll be happy to know that we have the correct information for you!

How fast is an electric trike?

The assistance of a fast and quality motor is necessary for excellent speed in an e-trike. Using your muscle’s leg strength and power, an average biker can ride as fast as 12-15 km per hour. Since an electric bicycle or trike gives an electric punch to your paddling speed, it can go twice as fast as your legs.

A more powerful motor will yield at high speed and vice versa. Also, if you’re commuting through the parks or straight terrains of the town, the motor won’t have to bear the strain and would be faster than traveling on rough terrain.

Typically electric adult trikes can top out at a speed of 20 miles per hour, although some trikes with ultra-fast technology and high-yielding motors can go up to 30 miles per hour.

Addmotors manufactures a dozen different models of electric tricycles. With the assistance of a 750-watt power front motor, these electric tricycles can go up to 55 miles per charge with a speed of 15-25 miles per hour. So, if you want to move fast and pick up a pace, electric trikes from Addmotors can easily give you an upper hand compared to most trikes.

Classification of electric tricycles

E-bikes and e-trikes have different models and regulations applied to their use. In some states, you can ride an e-trike without a license or any other formality; the rest of the states believe that an electric trike can go as fast as cars in city traffic and therefore has different laws for the bikes.


Padel assist bikes or trikes can only go up to 20 miles per hour. If you try to go above this speed range, the trike ceases. It’s very similar to a manual bicycle.

Throttle up with paddle assist

Throttle mode is installed in electric tricycles to fasten up your paddling without paddling further. There are typically two types of throttles, a twist type and the other thumb throttle on handlebars. These bikes can go up to 20-30 miles per hour, depending upon the battery and motor installed.

High-speed bikes and trikes

High-speed trikes can sometimes go up to 50 miles per hour, but it is not for everyone. Adults usually use a strike for deliveries or fitness purposes; an average 20-25 mph bike or e-trike is sufficient for that. However, if you have a rebellious nerve and want to explore more in fewer times, you can always get a high-speed electric tricycle or bike. We suggest you go for e-bikes if you’re a young adventurer.

The typical speed of an electric trike

Most manufacturers create e-trikes with a motor that can accelerate an e-trike from 12 to 20 miles per hour. Electric tricycles are a little slower than electric bikes because of the third-wheel integration. However, most riders feel that an electric tricycle gives you a worthwhile experience compared to an e-bike. They’re safer and more comfortable and can lift off payloads easily.

So, if you are looking for a bike that can give you both a fun kick and functionality within a price range that you can afford, electric adult trikes are the best options for you.

Ride with safety!

For safe rides, you can opt for electric trikes by Addmotors. M-340, M-350, M-360, and M-330 P7 electric tricycles are one of the best choices for traveling at an appropriate speed and ensuring safe practices. A trike with a high-quality braking system, an excellent battery, and a motor that can go fast is all that you need in a bike.

No matter what e-trike you use, you should always wear a helmet and elbow/knee pads to ensure you are safe and protected at all times.

Remember, accidents don’t knock before knocking you out!

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