Sofa Ideas to Style Modern Living Rooms


When thinking of giving your house a makeover, take some time away separately to redesign the living room’s layout. This is going to be the center attraction for your house and a well-thought-out design plan can make your space stand out and help you feel at home. A crucial part of this redesign is the sofa set. The correct selection based on your aesthetics and operational needs can make or break the living room décor. Here, we touch on four sofa designs intended to help you style your living room in line with the trendiest international standards.

International designs

The designs that arrive from Italy, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Turkey, and France are globally acclaimed for their niche styles. These styles have migrated across the globe and people are fast to adopt these tastes. Royal Turkish or Italian seating collections can increase the elegance of your living space even with just minimal peripheral furnishing. They are highly durable and can last long. Take a quick look at modern furniture at great prices that may suit your style.

Industrial-urban designs

This is the ideal solution for nuclear families that like to have witty and edgy furniture combinations. The sofas have a very raw, industrial look mixed with contemporary urban color elements. They may be built of metal, wood, or unique upholsteries in asymmetrical designs. These sofas can be paired with contrasting cushions. Any symmetric floor layout with angular sofas is going to be the centerpiece of your living room. You should also consider using pit sofa which is another great option to add value to your living room. 

Vintage-mix designs

The vintage-mix designs are a fairly predominant choice for joint families that have contemporary furniture tastes. These vintage pieces have cultural seating designs that can be twisted with modern accessories and visuals. Your living room can have a lively retro vibe with the sofa and chic cushions, and side tables can enhance your entire décor. You can also pair them with wooden frames and leather upholstery to uphold the space’s aura.

Sofa-cum-bed designs

These are the ideal comebacks of the pull-out couches from the 2000s. The modern furniture makers have given this sofa a great makeover and they are now more than just foldable mattresses. Besides having the pull-out format, these sofas now have push-down and retractable bed features as well. They do not disturb the interior layout of your rooms and are available in a wide variety of color and upholstery palettes. The refurbished designs help the sofa-cum-bed remain a functional sofa that turns into a subtle mattress bed.

Find the sofa that fits with your redesign and doesn’t upset the interior layout of your living room in the Four Hands sofa collection today.


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