Smart Hacks to Survive the High Cost of Living During an Economic Recession


The current world economic situation signals one of the worst recessions in human history. The coronavirus pandemic has devastated economies and rendered millions jobless. Moreover, thousands of businesses have closed down, leading to the skyrocketing cost of living expenses.

However, you don’t need to panic as long as you are alive. Yes, you may not stop the recession, but you can survive it. Therefore, this post shares smart hacks to help you survive the high cost of living during this simmering recession.

1. Be Frugal

There is no harm in going frugal and downsizing your life. If the current situation doesn’t allow you to continue enjoying your former standard of life, it’s wise to scale down. It’s like a wise man taking shelter from the rain when he can’t stop the rain.

Remember, even businesses downsized their expenses by laying off workers. What makes you think it’s a crime to do the same in your personal life? Some companies that didn’t want to lay off their employees reduced their salaries to cater to their basic needs.

So, if your earnings are reduced due to slashed salaries of low business, reduce your expenses. Remember, it’s wiser to live within your means and avoid debt slavery than try pleasing people who don’t care. Don’t enter debts to maintain a high life you can’t afford just to “save face.” Remember, most of the people you want to impress don’t care about you.

2. Get an Extra Source of Income

Getting an extra side hustle to boost your income is another hack to help you survive the high cost of living during this recession. You already saw that some of the employees who survived the ax ended up with reduced salaries. Also, businesses that didn’t close down are battling with reduced sales.

You can sit down and look for a convenient hustle to complement your income. Are you employed as a full-time graphics designer, but your company suffers from low sales? You can use your gift to freelance and earn within your gifting. Many freelancing jobs exist out there. You can take advantage of them to survive this recession and its high living costs. Only make sure the hustles you diversify into fall within your gifting.

3. Have an Emergency Kit

Creating an emergency kit can help you survive a recession and its high cost of living. The reason is that recessions cause abrupt price increases. Thus, your savings can help you survive without entering debt or downsizing too much.

4. Stick to Your Budget

Lastly, stick to your budget if you want to survive the skyrocketing cost of living. Avoid all forms of impulsive buying. Your budget will help you to create a disciplined financial life. It will also make it easy to track your expenses and plan for your limited income.

There you go with hacks to help you survive high living. It’s up to you to cushion yourself against these harsh economic times. Remember, survival is for the smartest.

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