Simple Summer Décor Ideas Using Flowers


Summer flowers, oh, how we adore them. As we inhale their scents, we are reminded that it is summer, and we appreciate it even more. That’s why we’ve gathered a few ideas for using beautiful blooms to decorate your home both inside and out today.

Garland of Summer Flowers

If you grow your own flowers, you may use the cuttings to make a beautiful fresh flower garland to brighten up any room in your house. If you don’t have access to a flower garden, go online and order a few flowers, or use silk flowers if you want the garland to stay for years. It’s simple to put together and offers instant summertime flair.

Floral banner

A floral banner that also works as a welcome sign may instantly add appeal to your front porch or entry. If you want it inside and don’t care about the welcome message, skip that step. The floral garland itself is beautiful, and it will add some summertime blooms to any entryway or window.

Summer Grapevine Wreath

With a lovely wreath, you may transform your front door into a summer wonderland. The nicest part about this one is that it simply takes a few minutes to assemble. You’ll need a grapevine wreath design and flowers, both of which may be purchased. Add some foliage and you’ve got yourself a lovely display that’ll only take you an hour to put together.

Easy summer centrepiece

A centrepiece is a lovely idea that is also incredibly simple to put together. All you’ll need is a wire basket, a couple glass vases or bottles, and your favourite flowers. Again, daisies are ideal for summer, but any brilliantly coloured flower can do. This has a lovely farmhouse feel to it, and it would look great on the dining room table.

Summer Chalkboard crates

Chalkboard crates are great any time of year, but they’re much better with summer flowers. You can paint them anyway you like and then decorate them with your favourite summer flowers. Put them out on the porch to greet your visitors, or bring them inside to decorate your counter or table with some house plants as well.

Painted wine bottle jar

Simply placing your favourite flowers in a vase can instantly lend summer floral charm to any area. These are things that you can do on your own. Simply paint your vintage wine bottles whatever you want. The painted wine bottle vases can also have a lovely beach theme, making them ideal for adding summer appeal – after all, what screams summer like the beach?

Summer Mason jars

What better way to bring the outdoors in than with mason jars? It’s even better if those mason jars have flowers painted on them. These are simple to make and will give your home a beautiful farmhouse look if that’s your goal. Mason jar projects are some of our favourites.

Summer Glitter vase

If you want to recreate some of that summer beauty indoors, how you arrange your flowers is important. These DIY glitter vases are really simple to make and provide the ideal setting for all of your summer blossoms. You start with basic glass vases or bottles and then add glitter with Mod Podge. They’re also fantastic for wedding decorations!

Colander Hanging Planters

An old metal colander painted a summery shade, is ideal for bringing a touch of flowery appeal to your home or porch. After the colander paint has been dried, just fill it with your favourite summer flowers and use it as a planter. These can be hung indoors or out, and they’re a lovely way to add a touch of flowery charm.

Rope wrapped centrepiece

Rope is a great way to dress up vases and jars. They make stunning centrepieces, and when you add a few summer flowers, they become even more stunning. This one is quite simple and will only take you around 15 minutes to finish. Simply wrap a rope around your selected vessel, hot glueing it in place as you go to keep it secure. After that, add your chosen flowers to create a summery bouquet fit for the dining room table.

Baby’s breath centrepiece

Baby’s breath is frequently used in floral arrangements, especially for weddings. You can also use it alone itself to make a beautiful summer arrangement for your home décor. Simply place your baby’s breath in a mason jar and decorate with jute or ribbon if desired.

Floral hanging frame

daisy bunch wall art-jpeg

Another fantastic frame idea for displaying your photos and adding some flora to your home this summer is this one. A wireframe with a hanger can be purchased at any craft store, or one can be made from an embroidery hoop and chicken wire. Then, hang it up with your photos and whatever fresh flowers you wish to decorate it with!

Also, you can add trending floral prints on the wall to update its interior and make it look more beautiful. These beautiful floral wall paintings are also the best option for summer decor and summer interior design.

We hope we’ve inspired you to use flowers to beautify your home this summer. You can make or order these jars/containers/vases and fill them with your own flowers. SnapBlooms is the place to go for fresh flower delivery if you are looking for one. You can choose from a variety of options and have flowers delivered for free.


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