Signs Your House Needs Chimney Repointing or Capping

Many times, you might neglect a chimney by giving the roof more consideration. It is possible if you don’t use it often. However, it is necessary to ensure that the chimney is maintained when necessary and keep it in good shape. Companies offering roofing services include it as one of their services since it is advisable to have experts in roofing to look at them. You have to ensure that it is well cleaned and inspected regularly. In case this is not done, you will have to do expensive repairs every time. Luckily, you can get high-quality roofing services by Ribbon Roofing of Yonugstown, OH, at discounted rates. Here are some signs that the home needs some chimney capping and here’s how you can contact the most trusted provider of chimney repair houston.

Rusted Firebox

The presence of moisture in the fireplace or chimney is a critical sign that the chimney is not working well. Rust indicates the presence of excess moisture, and you might see some rust in the damper or firebox. You will be forced to look closely at the damper when it operates with some difficulties. The moisture in a chimney that causes rusting leads to many problems, including flue tiles’ cracking. The deteriorated or cracked tile is hazardous because it can allow more heat into vulnerable areas leading to a house fire. To prevent rust, you can seal the metal. However, when it has eaten away the metal, you will have to replace it. When the rust is identified early, you can have a good chance to repair it before investing in a new firebox.

Damaged Mortar Joints

Damaged mortar joints might need a high vantage point to notice. However, when the mortar joints are damaged between the chimney and masonry, you will need to undertake urgent repairs. The failing mortar joints can mean that there is accelerated damage. Such a condition will expose the bricks to more moisture. When water flows into the cracks in masonry, they usually turn into more significant cracks, mainly due to freezing and thawing. Finally, if the problem is not addressed on time, the entire chimney can collapse.

Pools of Water in the Fireplace

This indicates that there is a leak in the chimney. A worn-down mortar, defective flashing, and cracks in a crown are the major causes of such problems. Despite the source, water can cause damage to any structure in the home. In case you spot water pools or dips in the fireplace, you will need to seek help from professionals.

White Bricks

Water can damage many things inside the house; although bricks might look immune, water might damage even the best bricks. This damage is called efflorescence, which results from water going into the bricks, removing the natural minerals. Ultimately, the water will evaporate to leave behind some minerals. The white surface can be washed off easily using soap and water. However, the damage might not be easy to fix; therefore, you can call a professional if you notice efflorescence in the chimney.

Falling Mortar Joints

Falling mortar joints is an issue that might need an immediate solution. When the joints start to disintegrate, moisture might get into the chimney. This usually leads to tiny cracks becoming larger, which eventually could lead to the collapse of a chimney. A mortar is what holds the bricks of a chimney. In case water gets into it through even a tiny crack, it might freeze when the weather gets cold. Typically when water freezes, it expands, making the cracks larger. Only a few of such cases is enough to make the mortar fail to work.

Damage to Chimney Crown

Even when you have no experience repairing a chimney, you should observe the upper part called the crown when sweeping a chimney. You need to ensure that there are no low-quality materials easily damaged in the chimney crown. Nowadays, the chimney crowns are strictly made from concrete, which is better and more durable than other mortar options. However, some companies still prefer the ordinary mortar for a crown since it is fast to build and cheaper.


Shaling occurs when there is an older chimney with a tiled lining. You will notice the falling of tiles into the fireplace or firebox. When this happens, it indicates that you have to undertake some inspection of the chimney inside. You might want to opt for a stainless steel liner in case you need to replace the interior. When you notice shaling, go for a professional to look into the chimney using a camera inserted inside the pipe. It will confirm the position of the damage and the severity. Also, avoid using a chimney after noticing the problem. This is because areas around the chimney will not be safe from the heat.