Should one use beard oil in their daily routine?


Whether you are now considering adding beard oil to your routine or you have been an occasional user of bear oil you may be wondering how often you should be using beard oil. Each person’s beard and skin are usually vastly different which means that the way their beard grows and appears will vary not only based on their routine but also based on their genetics. The only way to truly determine how often as well how much beard oil you should be using is through trial and error.

The first step in this process is ensuring that you are applying beard oil properly and in a way that will maximize its effects. To do so follow the three steps outlined below.

1. Shampoo or Clean your beard

Cleaning your beard before applying beard oil is essential as you want to get rid of as much dirt and dust particles as possible. Putting oil on a dirty beard will mean two things. The first one is that whatever dirt existed on your beard will naturally now be locked there. The second one is that the beard oil will not be properly absorbed since the pores of your skin and hair won’t have opened up. Therefore, you should always cleanse before adding beard oil to your beard.

2. Apply beard oil

This is one of the parts of the process where trial and error will be very important. While the general recommendation is to apply 3 to 5 drops of oil to your palm and then spread that across your beard, the reality is that your beard might require more or less than that depending on your hair texture. By switching it up you will be able to find what the perfect measure is. You will want to apply enough beard oil where your beard gets properly moisturized but not enough for it to become greasy. Once you have managed to find the correct amount use your hands to spread it all over your beard.

3. Massage the product through your beard

Simply applying beard oil on top of your beard is not going to be as effective as you might have hoped. You will want to carefully massage and spread the product throughout your beard for the best result. This will help you get the best possible results from your beard oil as you will be able to not only cover all of your hair but get the oil to reach the skin under your beard and hydrate that area as well.

Once you have determined the right amount of oil to use you will need to play around with how often you use it. Switching between the number of days you go without using it will help you find the sweet spot for your beard. Most people will use beard oil daily but there are a few people that find they get better results by using it every other day. A good quality oil like the Bossman Beard oil is also key to getting the best results possible.

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