Self-build vs custom build

There are numerous ways to build a home. You could renovate a period property, style up a modern home or start from scratch. It all depends on your lifestyle, budget and preference. Do a little research and look into the pros and cons of each housing method to find the right one for you.

If you are torn between a self-build and custom-build, here are a few things to note.


You could build your house from scratch. Purchase a plot of land, obtain planning permissions and start designing. You don’t need to build the entire house by yourself. You will need architects, contractors, and many more professionals to help you. But you will oversee every aspect – from digging the foundations to laying the interior flooring with adhesive.

You should be prepared for delays, mistakes and added costs. It isn’t easy to control every aspect of a self-build project. Make sure you have enough money to cover any unforeseen costs and stay on top of your budget. However, self-builds are often much more affordable, and you can take as long as you want to build them. It might not be the most practical option for those with a hectic schedule.

Custom build

There are multiple types of a custom build. Custom builds tend to be much easier than self-build projects because the hard work is already done. You can choose the interior layout, colour scheme and furnishing choices. A custom build is often the best bits of renovation.

A serviced plot is a type of custom build where the developer has divided a large plot of land into smaller areas. They have drains, roads and other services already set up. The plots will also have planning permission for either a basic design or a more detailed one. If it’s an outline design, your architect can design the rest of the home to align with the design code. However, you have less flexibility and control if planning permission has been obtained with a more detailed design.

You can also purchase a shell custom build. This is a watertight structure that looks finished from the outside. You can design your own kitchen, living room and much more. You can also buy a ‘warm shell’ that already have some services installed, like a heating and electrical circuit.

Finally, you can go for the turnkey method. You can personalise your property without needing to get your hands dirty. Genius! The developer will give you a few choices for your home, and they will deliver it. You can choose colours, layouts, kitchen styles and more. It’s a convenient way to design your dream home, and the cost reflects that.

Choose the right method for you and your family, so you can start enjoying your perfect home.