Agree, many of us have long associated the kitchen not with culinary feats and the aroma of fresh baked goods, but with the inevitable routine of household chores… We got used to spending a lot of time there not because we like it, but rather in order to provide the household with delicious and healthy food. However, let’s find out how to make the kitchen a joyful and cozy place to live again, with just a few simple tricks. Made your kitchen into a beautiful place, where you will also enjoy many things except eating, such as relaxing, talking to your family and gambling, if you like it. 


First of all, let’s turn to color therapy. It will help you to create the right mood in the kitchen and convey an atmosphere of joy and positivity. So, add to your kitchen warm colors and juicy shades! 

And to achieve this effect it is not necessary to immediately order a new kitchen unit or repaint the walls. It will be enough only to bring new accents to your kitchen: bright accessories, openwork, or patterned dishes, fresh or dried flowers, decorative labels on the fronts … All these little things will make your kitchen glow with new colors in both literal and figurative sense!

There is one more important aspect about the colors of your kitchen: some colors stimulate appetite, while others suppress it. Appetite-exciting colors include ochre, yellow, brown, and some green tones. And all shades of blue and some purple reduce appetite.

So, if your kitchen will be in blue colors, you will eat less. It is proven by experience that food on white and yellow dishes looks more inviting than on blue. On blue plates more often do not finish eating. And portions are smaller (without sacrificing satiety in any way, which is interesting).


The second important rule for an attractive kitchen is that it shouldn’t be cluttered. And, of course, it is not only about dirty dishes. There should not be any unnecessary things in the kitchen, standing in front of open cans and kitchen gadgets. After all, because it spoils the overall impression of the space, it seems cluttered unnecessarily, and sometimes even untidy.

So, the kitchen must be as ergonomic and functional as possible. Each thing should not just have its own place – it must be as convenient as possible. For example, it is better to hide all the spices at arm’s length from the stove, all the gloves, and towels – to remove them in special boxes…

For large appliances, you can pick up special decorative panels that disguise your dishwasher or washing machine under one of the elements of the kitchen set. Such an ergonomic approach saves you from the temptation to arrange things “of prime necessity” in the open and gives your kitchen a neat and tidy appearance.


Of course, the third rule of a perfect kitchen is connected to the unity of style and functionality. For example, choose your fridge wisely. Pay attention to models that can boast not only the capacity and clever functions but also a stylish, even designer, appearance.


It’s amazing how much new chandeliers or original pendant lights can dramatically change the atmosphere in your kitchen. You can increase the amount of light if there is not enough, or make it less bright, giving the room more coziness or highlight certain areas.The lighting system can combine perfectly with a wide variety of styles and decorations, so owners have the opportunity to fulfill any of their wishes regarding the lighting. 


Think about details: you can hang rustic wicker sconces above the table, or you can paint the wall with any classic matte tone and pattern it with trays or plates. This can be cream porcelain tableware, which will bring an element of vintage chic to your kitchen being decorated. Refresh your floors with colorful rugs – for example, an oriental rug with rich ornaments can bring a chic flavor to your kitchen.


Always remember about the 80/20 and 3/4 rule. 80% of the time we use 20% of the objects we own. This happens in all areas of the home and kitchen cabinets are no exception. This means that only 20% of your kitchen utensils are used on a daily basis.

It, therefore, deserves to be kept on hand, while everything else should be in less accessible places. “The 3/4 Rule” suggests that instead of filling a container, cabinet, box, or drawer to capacity, fill them 3/4 full, leaving a quarter of the space free, which will make the items easier to access, and easier to store.

To sum up, with these easy tips staying in the kitchen will not be a tedious household duty for you.

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