Remodeling your Kitchen – The Do’s and Don’ts


Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most important renovation projects you can undertake. When done right, it can completely transform the look of your house and instantly increase the value of your property. But too many home owners end up making crucial mistakes that could actually do the opposite. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the do’s and don’ts when remodeling a kitchen.

Do Your Research

Before you talk with a contractor, try to get images of what you’re looking for. You could do that by looking at comparable kitchens on Pinterest or by opening a Houzz account.

As per all the top Bellevue Roofing compaanies When picking images, try to consider things like layout, finishes, appliances and color palette. But make sure that you pick something that is actually realistic for your budget and with your current kitchen configuration. If you aren’t sure if something you want is actually feasible, contractors like the Honey Doers will be able to give you some suggestions.

Don’t Overlook Technical Details

When thinking of your layout, you can’t only consider esthetics. You also have to consider things like where the sink will be located or things like electrical outlets as well. And if you’re intending to build out, you should also consider things like where you’ll be installing sliding doors or new windows for instance.

Also, if you’re going to remodel, know that moving plumbing elements around will cost you a lot more than if you leave everything in the same place, so make sure that you’re ready for a spike in cost if you’re thinking of moving your sink.

Do Consider What Your Kitchen’s Main Purpose is

Some people like to have a kitchen space that is as functional as possible. These people might favor larger worktops and open space over a big kitchen island for instance. Others might want something more communal that will serve as a gathering hub for the family. These are all things you have to take into consideration before you start the project.

Don’t Rush the Design and Planning Phase

People often have the tendency to rush through the planning process and start construction too early. But just one mistake could end up costing a lot if you have to make major changes midway during the project. This is why you should take the time necessary to visualize the layout and think about functionality first and foremost. Imagine yourself working in your new kitchen and think about what could be added or improved to facilitate workflow.

When it comes to Sydney kitchen renovation, one must consider the unique characteristics of the space and the preferences of those who will be using it. First and foremost, establish a clear budget to guide your decisions regarding materials, appliances, and the scope of the renovation.

Assess the kitchen’s size and layout, deciding whether to retain the existing arrangement or make structural modifications. Prioritize functionality by considering your household’s cooking and storage requirements, implementing efficient storage solutions, designating work areas, and ensuring accessibility. Define the kitchen’s style and design, whether traditional, modern, or another aesthetic, ensuring it complements the rest of your home.  

Choose appropriate materials for countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, and flooring, considering factors like local climate and ease of maintenance. Planning for adequate lighting with ambient, task, and accent lighting is also essential. Ensure that plumbing and electrical systems meet code requirements and can accommodate new fixtures and appliances. Focus on maximizing storage space through innovative cabinet designs and organizational features.  

Ensure to look into ventilation because proper airflow is essential for removing cooking odors and maintaining air quality. Be diligent about permits and local regulations, and hire experienced professionals like contractors, designers, and architects. Establish a realistic timeline for the renovation, factoring in design, permits, construction, and inspections.

Do Consider Home Prices in Your Area

One of the things people often overlook when remodeling their kitchen or when planning any remodeling project in general is how much value it will add to their home. Sure, we all want to get the most we can get for our home, but you also have to make sure that you don’t end up pricing yourself out of your area. Adding value is good but know that there will be a cap on how much you’ll actually be able to ask for, so keep that into consideration before you start the project.

All these tips will allow you to get the kitchen of your dreams while avoiding a disaster. Make sure that you take these into consideration before you think about hiring a contractor.

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