Reasons To Choose Eco-Friendly Windows


Being eco-friendly is a lifestyle that many homeowners are taking to and a window replacement is one place that can make a world of difference.

Why Being Eco-Friendly Matters

There are several benefits to expect when you choose an eco-friendly window installation. You’ll find greater energy efficiency, a lower carbon footprint, and your home will be consistently more comfortable.

Energy Efficiency

Less energy expended means more money saved on your utility bills. You may also experience tax benefits from your energy company simply by having eco-friendly window replacements. Look for offers that will give you discounts on your bills or a large one-time tax credit or rebate. And the savings from certain home improvements like heating and cooling upgrades, or new doors and windows installation can go on for a lifetime.

Living Green

Lowering your carbon footprint is another bonus of choosing eco-friendly windows from your window company. These new windows reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Customary single-pane windows allow precious heated or cooled air to escape from your home. Studies have shown that roughly 15-22% of a home’s heat loss is due to single-pane windows. Losing so much heat will likely lead you to turn up the thermostat to keep your appliances running longer. This has a major impact on both your ecological footprint and your utility bills.

Enhanced Comfort

You can stay more comfortable in your home with eco-friendly solutions put in by a professional window installer. Your home’s temperature will remain steadier with dual-pane windows or other highly-insulated window options. That means consistency and control over your home’s temperature reading.

And better still, an eco-friendly window installation will dramatically lower the rate of air leakage and drafts you may otherwise experience.

Choosing eco-friendly window replacements for your home gives you three big wins. You’ll have better home efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. Plus, you’ll enjoy comfort in every season.

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