Pros & Cons Of Skylights


Taking a look at the pros and cons of skylights can help you when making the final decision to install them. If you’re considering lighting up your home with a new skylight, here are a few pros and cons to consider before you start.

Your roofer will tell you that skylight installation will enhance the look of your home by creating a cozy atmosphere in your living space. Using skylights will also allow your family to reduce the amount of light you turn on during the day, saving you some money on your energy bill. In addition to style, skylights provide extra light to areas that would normally be dark and dreary.

How Skylights affect Insulation

Because the skylight is built into the roof, it usually blows hot air out of the attic. This can lead to overheating or excess lighting in the building and skylights on the roof are difficult to cover. If your skylight is located in the wrong position or orientation, it can result in excessive heat and light.

If you don’t have good quality or properly installed skylights, they can waste heat and energy, especially if installed incorrectly.

But skylights can be tricky to install and properly maintain to allow as much daylight as possible while minimizing the risks associated with skylights. It is important to choose a professional installation team to install skylights so as not to waste energy or cause damage. Roofing contractors who provide quality roofing services will ensure properly installed, high quality skylights.

reputable local roofers, can help you install your new skylight, offering tips and options along the way. If you’ve been thinking about whether or not to choose this type of retrofit for your building, you can look into the following pros and cons of installing skylights. Before asking a professional to design a roof window for your roof type, check out some home and roof renovation tips. We can suggest the best kind of skylight, find the best location, install it correctly, and protect it from weather and other environmental influences.

It is reassuring that a carefully installed and well-designed skylight can add value to your property, as this feature may be especially appealing to green buyers who are looking for a home with natural light. The natural light provided by skylights can bring solar warmth into your home or office during the colder months of the year, reducing heating costs.

Skylights provide daylight to the building so the sun can provide enough natural light. Skylights are light-transmitting structures that are usually installed on the roof. A roof window is a window that is installed on the part of the ceiling or the entire roof. A skylight can be designed to capture early morning sunlight to help warm the room and uv film can help lower the intensity of the bright afternoon sun that can make the room too hot.

A skylight on the north side of your home can provide cool indirect sunlight. Since heat tends to rise, houses with roof windows typically lose 35-45% more heat in winter than windows installed on the side of the house.

The Importance of Properly Sealing Skylights

Small child reading a book under a skylight
Modern retro design in a attic / loft. Small vintage table with a radio on and two reading chairs under two skylights with a little child reading a book.

If a skylight is installed incorrectly, it can result in moisture and leakage problems that can not only drip into lower spaces but spread leaks to other parts of the roof that were previously dry. This may result in mold and mildew or in the worst case, damage to the roof. Repairs to seals on a skylight are usually done from the roof side, which can be quite tricky depending on the size and layout of the building the skylight is located in.

Properly designed vented skylights won’t necessarily leak, but they certainly increase the chance of water infiltrating through your roof. They can provide the necessary ventilation for damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, during the warmer months, some skylights benefit from having remote controls to open them, allowing for more airflow into the home and better ventilation. Not only that, skylights help in cross-ventilation, thus letting in the fresh air and cooling the interior without air conditioning.

Skylights are in high demand in residential and commercial buildings because they offer many exceptional benefits.

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