Preparing your garden for summer

In 2020, as so many people were forced to evaluate their homes and they way they live in them, our humble gardens become a source of aspiration, creativity, and escapism amidst a troubling year.

During the second half of the year, as the UK property market continued to flourish, top of the must-have list for most potential property buyers was a garden. Which is no wonder, after spending countless months couped up who among us were not dreaming of escaping outdoors?

As we move through 2021, the garden looks set to be the place to congregate with family and friends. Meeting outdoors, including private gardens, is one of the lockdown restrictions set to be eased first.

If you are eagerly awaiting the news that you can host your loved ones again, but your garden is looking a little tired after a long, lonely winter, here is our guide to preparing your garden for summer 2021.

Set your budget

Whenever you undertake a home or garden renovation project, it is important to set out your budget right from the start. Assess your finances and only spend what you can afford.

It can also help to prioritise your garden projects. For example, if you know you want a large entertaining space, focus your budget there first and avoid spending money on things you do not need.

Sketch out your ideas

Landscaping or renovating your garden is an extremely creative process. You may have been inspired by gardens you have visited, or images found online.

One good way of getting your garden as beautiful as you want it is to sketch out your ideas. You do not need to be great at drawing, but simple sketches can help you visualise what you want to achieve.

Plant bulbs and seeds

If you are hoping to create a beautiful garden that blooms throughout the seasons, make sure you plant bulbs and seeds at the right time and stay on top of their maintenance.

Gardening is a slow process, but if you take your time and do it right, the rewards are worth it.

Create an entertainment area

Creating outside entertaining areas has become increasingly popular and there is plenty of inspiration for creating your own unique space out there.

Whether it is a simple deck and BBQ area you want or a dazzling Tiki-style bar, the only limit is your budget and imagination.