Plumbing Tips for Beginners


If you want to avoid unexpected and troublesome plumbing problems in your home, you should get at least a little bit familiar with your plumbing systems. Plumbing issues can be unpredictable, so you should keep your plumbing skills up to date if you want to be able to fix any problems that pop up. You can always hire professional plumbers, but that can cost you a pretty penny. On the other hand, if you happen to know the basics of plumbing, then you can fix your own problems without spending a dime!

This article explains how to resolve minor plumbing issues and turn yourself into a plumber.

Be Your Own Plumber

It’s always beneficial to know a thing or two about the plumbing systems in your own home; you do own it, after all. Yet, the world of plumbing is very wide, and it may overwhelm a beginner like you, but a few tips and tricks can always be managed. So, listed below are a few tips and tricks that will help you deal with some of the common problems with plumbing that you may encounter at home.

These tips aren’t going to transform you into a certified plumber overnight, but it’s enough to help you hold your own. Let’s get your plumbing knowledge started with the following four items:

  1. Replacing a faucet.
  2. Unclog drains without chemicals.
  3. Check your septic tank.
  4. Adjust any water pipe fittings.

Replacing A Faucet

The first thing to be familiarized with as a newbie to plumbing is how your faucets work. Knowing its mechanical structure and function will let you get an idea of how plumbing works in general. First, learn how to adjust it. If you happen to see a single drop of water dripping from your faucet, you should be alarmed since it might lead to bigger problems in the future. So, before things worsen, learn how to adjust your faucets to avoid such leakage. One way of adjusting a faucet is by simply twisting it until it tightens and gets back to its original position, but never overdo it since it might lose its thread.

Unclog Drains Without Chemicals

This next tip has two main elements. One is that chemicals, technically speaking, may harm any interior or exterior parts of your plumbing system as time goes by. The second is that some chemicals are too expensive to justify using on minor clogs.

Now, as a plumber, the best thing to unclog your drains without chemicals and other expensive tools or materials is to make use of a drain snake. This is a common tool to unclog any kind of drain you have at home. Fortunately, drain snakes are simple to use. Insert it in your drain, turn it around depending on how you maneuver it, then pull it back out. After several attempts, hopefully, you’ll have successfully unclogged your drain.

Check Your Septic Tank

Issues with your septic tank can be very problematic, especially if they aren’t dealt with quickly. Sediments might build up inside the walls of your septic tank that might ruin its main function. It is, therefore, necessary for you to always have a regular check-up of your septic tanks. Here are some of the signs that indicate whether or not your septic tank is running properly:

  1. a foul smell is leaking around the area of your septic tank
  2. there’s a wet area that is always present surrounding your septic tank
  3. toilet flushing is irregular.

If there is only a blockage, then you can handle it by yourself. But if it requires professional help, you should call a reliable plumbing company to avoid extra problems with your plumbing system. Click the following link to see what the website of a certified plumbing company looks like:

Adjust Any Water Pipe Fittings

Aside from the faucets that need to be adjusted, water pipe fittings also need to be maintained. One way to adjust a fit water pipe is to apply a moderate amount of heat to the area to be adjusted. Pipes are adjustable to ensure that they can be aligned accordingly to fit your total drainage and piping systems. So, if you ever need to adjust any water pipe, the very simple tip is to put it under some heat.

In a nutshell, there are numerous ways to solve some simple and basic plumbing issues at home. Sometimes you need a professional, but sometimes you can take control by yourself. Not only can it save you money, when you fix a faucet yourself, but it also gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment that you’ll love.



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