Notice ticks in your garden? Don’t panic, this can be resolved


If you thought ticks and tick bites commonly occur in woodlands or camping grounds, the chances are you may panic when you spot them in your garden or lawn too. So it is better not to nurture any misconception as you don’t know how they would strike you. You can get extremely worried at first sight, and it is quite possible because everyone knows ticks can cause diseases and allergies in humans. Hence, getting rid of them quickly is a must. Some believe that they remain active during summertime. No matter when they emerge, you wouldn’t want to see them anywhere in your home, near or far.

As soon as you find them in your yard, it would be best if you started looking for an exterminator near me on Google to get rid of them. The experts can resolve your issue immediately and efficiently. However, with this, it would be better to take specific steps for your indoor and outdoor environment to prevent them from infesting your mental and physical space. Here are some handy suggestions to explore.

Treating indoors for tick removal

Ticks usually occupy outdoor areas, but some species can emerge even inside the house. You can find them feeding on your pets or lurking in warm and dry corners. To get rid of them, you have to eliminate clutter from your house. These small beasty parasites can take shelter anywhere. Make sure your floors are always neat and clean.

Dirty laundry should not lie on the ground. Since these can stick to unclean clothes and bed linens, you can wash your laundry in hot water based on the type of fabric. If you suspect these organisms are clinging to some pieces of clothes, make sure to keep them separate. It would help if you did not mix the clothes by keeping them together in your laundry hamper as others will also get contaminated. Instead, please put them in the washing machine right away.

Keep your house clean up to down. Don’t leave even furniture. Pay attention to corners, which usually escape everyone’s notice. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Vacuum cleaning can prove quite efficient in this process. It would suck all the ticks from your home, right from walls, floors, crown molding, baseboards, furniture, pet bedding, etc.

After decluttering the house, you can spray pesticides to kill the remaining ones and their eggs. You can choose a product that has boric acid and plant extracts. You can sprinkle it all over your home and animal bedding, too, to keep them away from their favorite hiding place. For adult ticks, some recommend pyrethrin-based pesticides for the safety of humans and pets. Before spraying them, follow all the instructions given on the packaging.

If you have dogs at home, you need to be extra careful with ticks. They can bring ticks from outside. So check their bodies properly. Remove them physically and apply topical tick-killing solutions. You can check with your vet what you should do. Nowadays, you get tick-repelling collars for pets. You can buy them for your pet to keep ticks away from them.

However, if you don’t see any success with all your efforts, you must not delay getting professional help. Call the pest control experts to exterminate the infestation from your house.

Treating outdoors for tick removal

Areas covered with grass, bushes, trees, and shade tend to be the perfect shelter for outdoor ticks. They enjoy a humid environment. Since these are bloodsucking insects, you can find them feeding on deer. So no matter whether you hike the woods or walk the grassy area, you should be wary of them. At the same time, you cannot allow them anywhere near your home territory. Hence, it is better to watch your backyard conditions. For example, remove any foliage that is tick-friendly. Trim your yard regularly to prevent overgrowth of vegetation. Cut down vines, tall grass, and other plants that create a bushy environment.

Ticks survive through drinking blood, and they are not too fond of the sun. Therefore, when you work on your plants, keep this factor in mind. Let the sunshine enter most parts of the yard. Then, regular grass mowing is another good practice. It would not allow them to enjoy humidity. Fencing the yard, stacking up firewood neatly, keeping bird feeders clean, and other such activities are necessary. And while you do all this, you should also contact a professional pest control company to eliminate them from your sweet home and its surrounding vicinity.

When you join hands with pest control experts, you can target not just ticks but also other unwanted species that can threaten your family’s health, property, and mental peace. Since these people have proper know-how in dealing with pest infestation issues, you can trust them to accomplish the ultimate aim while you sit and relax in your nest.


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