Moving to a Different Country? Here’s What You Should Consider Before Hiring International Movers


Moving to a different country is a very complex, overwhelming, and tedious process. Something as complicated as moving abroad involves not only packing and transporting your belongings but also navigating customs, immigration, and other regulations. That’s why hiring the right international movers who can make life much easier for you by handling all aspects of your move efficiently and smoothly is crucial.

Having established that, let’s look at five things that you must consider before you hire international movers.

Experience and Expertise

One of the first and most important factors that you must consider before hiring an international mover is their experience and expertise.

Moving your things from one country to another requires a specific and unique set of skills and knowledge. This is something that not everyone can offer, even if they’re experienced movers. For your move to another country, you need experienced long-distance movers who can offer proper protection to your items during the move.

Go for movers that have not only been in the business for a long time but also have a proven track record of moving stuff for people across a number of different countries. These movers must also be aware of the various regulations as well as custom requirements of the countries between which the move is taking place.

You should also look into their process of moving things internationally, which should include how they plan on transporting delicate or heavy items, how long they might take to complete the move, whether or not they’ll also help with packing the items, and so on.

Reputation and Reviews

Before hiring international movers, do your research to find out about their reputation. Read online reviews from the movers’ previous clients. A reputable international mover will have mostly positive reviews and good ratings.

Some international movers might have a specific reputation, meaning they are known to move specific types of items efficiently across the globe alongside other things.

Let’s say you’re moving to Europe from New York, and the biggest item in your possession is a piano that needs to be shipped very carefully. In this instance, you’ll want a mover reputed for moving such heavy items or a mover known to move pianos over large distances.

Pianos are heavy and awkwardly shaped, which can make them difficult to move without the proper equipment and experience. Reputable movers will have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that the piano is moved safely and without damage to the instrument or the property.

Professional movers who specialize in moving pianos have the expertise to handle these delicate instruments. They know how to disassemble, pack, and transport the piano in a way that minimizes the risk of damage. A reputable moving company will have insurance to cover any damage or loss that may occur during the move. This can provide peace of mind for the piano owner and ensure that they are protected financially in the event of an accident.

In this case, FlatRate Moving might come to your mind as it is often referred to as the best professional piano movers in New York. They operate across the globe when it comes to offering piano moving services. As these companies build a reputation for moving specific types of items, it’s easy to rely on them without any hesitation.

Services Offered

Choose a mover that not only offers moving services but will also help you with packing, dealing with customs regulations, clearance, and so on. This is something you must discuss with them beforehand, where you have to inquire about all these things and how much these services might cost you.

Some of the services you may need include the following.

  • Packing and unpacking: International movers can provide packing materials and pack your belongings for you. This is a better choice than having to pack everything yourself. That’s because experienced movers are more aware of how an item should be packed for international moving such that it doesn’t get damaged in any way.
  • Transportation: International movers will ship your items via land, air, or sea. Some movers will have all three options available for you, while some may offer only one or two. It’ll be then up to you to decide which transportation option will suit you most.
  • Customs clearance: You may have to be present during the customs clearance part of your move, but an experienced mover will help you throughout the process. They know how to get through the process with ease and will also make sure that all your documents are in order so as to not cause any problems at customs.
  • Insurance: International moving insurance is a must to protect your belongings during transit. Make sure the mover offers adequate insurance coverage for all your items. If not everything, they should at least provide insurance for your most valuable items.

Cost and Payment Terms

Costs associated with any international move or transportation will vary from time to time as well as from carrier to carrier. International shipping costs will be calculated based on the standard costs during the time of your move. Your mover should be able to help you navigate these costs and also inform you which options will be the cheapest and can deliver your items in the shortest possible time.

These are all the important factors that you should look into before hiring an international mover. Ensuring all these things before you choose such a mover is vital in making sure that your items are moved safely and quickly to your new destination.

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