Move To Dubai Essential Things You Should Know


Dubai isn’t about the sea, the sun almost all year round, and inspiring surroundings only. It’s also sandstorms, high prices, and some bureaucratic delays.

At first glance, it may seem that moving to Dubai isn’t a problem at all: you bought a plane ticket, and you are in the country of your dreams. On the one hand, this is true. But if you want to avoid unnecessary problems, then it’s better to think over your move to Dubai to the smallest detail.

Why did we choose Dubai as the topic of the article? Dubai is a unique world region. There are so many immigrants here. The government of Dubai fully encourages foreigners to move to this emirate. In addition, the summer is all year round here — a paradise for heat lovers.

In this article, we won’t give you a detailed guide on moving to Dubai. We will tell you about those points and nuances you should pay attention to.


Public transport in Dubai is very developed. These modern vehicles include everything you need for comfortable movement around the city in the scorching heat. Also, numerous car rental companies offer a huge number of cars for rent. You can rent luxury cars such as Lamborghini or Porsche, as well as middle-class autos. If you have decided to rent a car for your needs, we recommend choosing the cheapest monthly car rental in Dubai. This will allow you to save a significant amount on car renting in Dubai.



Carefully evaluate your financial capabilities — whether you can quickly find a job in a new place or continue to grow your business. By the way, you should look for a job option in Dubai in advance and come to a specific position.

You can move if you work remotely. But remember that the standard of living in Dubai is higher than in many countries, so your usual income may not be enough. Be prepared to take enough money with you for the first time — until you get used to your new lifestyle and evaluate your monthly expenses.


Renting an apartment will cost you a pretty penny. So, a monthly rent of a modest one-room apartment in the “sleeping area” of Dubai will cost $1,360 and more. The cost of the same apartment, but in the center, is already 10 times higher. In general, all areas of Dubai for immigrants are comfortable and safe, so you shouldn’t overpay for a location. However, it’s worth paying more attention to transport accessibility, for example, there are often traffic jams in old areas.


Remember that the Emirates is a Muslim country. There are no particularly strict requirements for guests, but it’s still worth showing respect for local traditions. Don’t dress provocatively off the beaches, don’t photograph Emirati residents without permission, and don’t speak harshly about the religion and authorities of the UAE.



We are sure that you are aware of the climate in this country and its beaches for surfing, but many people sometimes have no idea how hot it gets here, especially during the summer months. Even though all premises and public transport have air conditioning systems, even a short stay outside in such heat can lead to certain negative health consequences. Therefore, be careful!

Safety & Security

The UAE is a safe country to travel and live in. However, it’s worth taking into account the fact that some laws in this country impose very severe punishment for certain crimes.

When it comes to road safety, there is nothing to worry about. The roads in Dubai are extremely safe, but we strongly recommend you learn the local traffic rules. And if you are going to stay in the Emirates for a long time, get your driver’s license at a local driving school.


The level of medicine in Dubai is very high. The quality of services provided and clinics is amazing. However, all this costs money. There is no need to hope that some disease will pass you by. A sharp climate change can greatly affect your health, and you can catch an elementary cold. Therefore, don’t neglect insurance and take care of your health.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to move to Dubai, you should start preparing a few months in advance — draw up documents, find accommodation, etc. Also, take care of financial security — the cost of living in Dubai is much higher, and nobody knows what unplanned expenses you will face. Dubai is a progressive metropolis.

But in general, this is a wonderful city with a high standard of living, wonderful people, and great opportunities.



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