Make Your Home More Senior-friendly With These Tips


After spending a lifetime working to earn their livelihood, bringing up children, and taking care of their families, senior citizens need a home comfortably suited to their requirements. Along with old age comes a lot of health problems and mobility restrictions. Arthritis, back and knee problems, and hypertension are a few diseases that crop up with old age. A majority of homes need to be remodeled in order to cater to age-related specifications. Here are some tips as to how you can make your home senior-friendly. Also, visit a reputable senior citizen website to purchase high-quality products specially made for seniors. 

Convenient Entry Points

The entry points of a house often become cumbersome and difficult for senior citizens to navigate. Steps and stairs at the entrance make it difficult for the elderly to climb. A ramp at the entrance makes it easy for seniors to enter the house. Sliders along the sides are also a helpful addition. 

Tiles and Flooring

The tiles in the front and back yard must be repaired if broken. Broken tiles can often lead to a fall. The flooring chosen should not be slippery. It should allow the people a firm grip while walking. The uneven and broken areas on the walks and inside the house on the flooring need to be repaired. The entire floor of the house should preferably be on the same level to avoid unnecessary ups and downs.  

Electric Stairlifts

Electric stairlifts can be installed if the family can afford it. They reduce the risk of falls and help patients with arthritis and knee problems. The lifts lend confidence and a sense of security to the elderly. Many of them suffer from vertigo as well and are scared of falling down the stairs. This is where the electric stair lifts come in. Home elevators can also be used if you don’t want to go in for a stairlift.


Just in case you can’t do without a staircase, it must have sidebars for support. The sidebars need to be broad enough to support the aging hands. The steps should not be very high; they should be low enough for the seniors to climb comfortably. 

Well Lit Rooms

The rooms should not have any dark corners. Every nook and corner should be well lit so that old and aged eyes can easily adjust to the surroundings. The kind of electric bulbs that you need to look into are the ones that are long-lasting and do not need to be changed again and again.


Bathrooms and toilets need a major overhauling when it comes to the comfort and safety of senior citizens. The professionals at advise you to take up raised toilet seats for people who are unable to use the regular seats due to their low height. The raised toilet seats will take the pressure off the knees when one is rising from it. The majority of senior accidents and falls take place in the bathroom. The tiles used in the bathroom should be chosen very carefully. They should not be slippery at any cost. There should be secure, strong handlebars near the tub and the toilet. 


The furniture and accessories in the bedroom should be suited to the needs and requirements of an aged person. The bed should be just the right height; neither too low nor too high. You could opt for an adjustable bed. The mattress should not be stiff, hard, and uneven. It should be uniform, soft, and even. There should always be a small side table by the side to keep essentials such as medicines, water, and a table lamp. 


In case the elderly in your family wish to cook for themselves, the kitchen needs to be remodeled to suit their requirements. Easy access to the pantry, kitchen cabinets, and storage areas is a must. Since the elderly can neither reach very high nor very low places, all the areas in the kitchen must be arranged and placed within easy reach. 


They may appear to be a minor thing, but when it comes to patients with arthritis, lever door knobs are very easy to manipulate. They save you the struggle of grasping the regular door knobs with twisted arthritic fingers. 

elderly woman arm

Having spent their entire lives working hard and making adjustments, seniors need a home where they do not need to make adjustments anymore. The entire area and surroundings need to be adjusted to suit their needs. Their health concerns must be taken care of even if the whole house needs to be remodeled. They surely deserve nothing less. So go ahead, use the ideas we have gathered for you, and make the lives of your loved ones comfortable.   

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