8 Different Types of Keys: In-depth Explanation


The first-keys and locks were invented at least 6000-years before in ancient Egypt and Babylon. Since modern technology is growing, the lock mechanism is also becoming so advanced, light, and more secured.

Nowadays, we find various types of keys around us. Even though different kinds of keys require different locksmiths, you will also find some professionals to fix your keys (i.e., Slotenmaker Hasselt).

In this writing, you will find a brief discussion about the most common 8 different types of keys. So keep reading!

8 Different Types of Keys Available In The Market

If we categorize keys, there maybe hundreds of locks available. Among them, here we are discussing 8 most common types of keys you will see around you. Let’s see.

1. Transponder keys

This is one of the most common keys, which is also known as a chip or car key. Transponder keys are basically used in motor vehicles. This key is programmed with the car system, which gives an integrated signal from the radio to the car. And thus it works.

This type of key is best for anti-theft because it is so tough to make duplicate copies. Again, if you use the wrong transponder key in the wrong vehicle, it will shut down the system. The key has a unique microchip inside it to a much-specified ignition code, which reduces the possibility of auto theft.

2. Laser-cut car keys

These keys are so much similar to the transponder keys, but with an extensive accuracy and complex mechanism. This is also known as sidewinder keys, which gives the owner an extra layer of security. These keys have an individual pattern on both sides of the key.

Thus it makes the keys almost impossible to replicate. To make a copy of this, anyone needs to have complete access, specially customized machinery. Those keys are costly and one of the safest types in the market.

3. Dimple keys

Those keys have a cone-shaped dimple. That is why it is called dimple keys. They are not much complicated and easy to use compared to others. You can unlock it only when you align the dimples of the keys correctly with the lock.

The fun part about the key is, there are two different sets of dimples on both sides of the key. So you do not have to put the keys in a particular pattern. In either way, you will able to open that lock, and it is less expensive and effortless to use.

4. Keycard keys

Nowadays, you will find these kinds of keys in almost every hotel and secure locations (i.e., government buildings). Keycard keys are very similar shapes with a credit card. It has some magnetic strips inside it. So when you hold the keys inside the lock, it will automatically send a signal to the lock and open the lock.

Keycard keys are mostly used for the guarantee security and when you are required to change the lock regularly. So it is commonly used in hotels and restaurants. They are ideal because this is how the hotel authority can easily manage to control which card will open which lock. And this is also so fast and simple.

5. Tubular Keys

Those keys are also known as the barrel keys, which helps to unlock the tubular pin from the tumbler locks. These keys are hollow, almost cylinder-shaped, a bit bigger in diameter but smaller than the traditional keys. You will see these kinds of keys mostly in the bike lock or to open the fridge, bending machine.

The most significant benefits you may get if you use tubular keys such as they are almost impossible to replicate. Which is meant you do not have much to worry about the security of the lock. And the chances are available for someone who will replicate and will access the lock is very rare.

6. Primary keys

Primary keys are entirely different from other types of keys. These keys can open multiple locks, rather than any particular one. Therefore these keys are beneficial when you need multiple access to different locks, and you do not want to take the stress of holding the bags of keys.

These keys were designed for the main key holder, who will able to unlock the lock. Additionally, when the key holder loses the keys, then if there is still a chance to open the lock without breaking it. Unfortunately, losing the primary keys can lead to bad consequences.

7. Magnetic keys

These types of keys rely on the magnate to lock and unlock the system. When the magnate inside the lock is oriented properly, it will let the user open the lock. And the fun fact is magnetic keys do not require any electronic mechanism to run the system unless to active the system.

By combining a different number of magnets and setting them in the correct alignment of the polarities, you will able to open the lock. As a result, you can also create a difficult combination that is hard to pick. This is how you can give more security to your system.

8. Smart car keys

These kinds of car keys are so similar to the transponder keys. But the significance of this key is, they are more advanced and secured than keys that are available in the market right now. And these types of keys are programmed with your respective system.

Since they are programmed with the system, smart car keys are almost impossible to duplicate. And another significance of this key is, you can able to control your lock remotely. Also, you can start the ignition of your car remotely and outside of the vehicles.

The bottom line

In the old days, people might think the keys are just the keys. But nowadays, times change, and keys are involved with a lot of things (i.e., security, privacy). So choosing the right key for your safety and security is very important.

So, to choose the correct one for you, it is also very essential to choose a professional locksmith Las Vegas who can provide you these. Before choosing the right keys for you, try to learn and research more about the slotenmaker Hasselt.

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