Kids, Pens, and Sofas. How to Protect your Furniture?


When it comes to furniture, there are many things you need to do to ensure that such furniture is clean all the time. With kids in your home, it is easy to get the furniture dirty because children do not know how to care for these items. So, even before you think about how to take care of furniture, you may want to buy furniture that is suitable for your kind of environment. In this regard, you should buy furniture that is suitable for kids around. You see, children will always want to jump over sofas, scratch the furniture, and so on. The kind of sofa covers that you buy should be suitable for the kind of family members you have.

Here are ways to protect your sofas and furniture with kids at home

Generally, to protect your sofa, you should use fabric protector sprays, especially if your home has pets as well. The good thing with the sprays is that they will repel the spills and the stains from the fabric. As such, it becomes easy for you to wash the fabric. If you are not sure of how to use these products, you can read the instructions that come with the products.

Another tip that can help you to make better furniture management is to go for leather sofas. Rather, you should opt for genuine leather as this one is easy to clean. When kids spill anything on leather sofas, it is easy to just wipe it off. It is also easy to level minor scratches on leather by just using your fingers.

Here are other tips to help clean your furniture with pets and kids at home

  • Buy furniture colors that are easy at hiding dust and dirt. These are camouflaging colors such as light gray, brown, black, and so on.
  • Keep your fabric cleaners handy. Remember that the longer a stain stays on the furniture, the harder it becomes for you to remove it. As such, have the right fabric cleaners at hand just in case you need to use them.
  • Have sofa throws and cushions for your furniture. These add an extra layer on the sofa, hence protecting the sofa from easy dirt. These can easily be washed and used again on the sofas. This way, you avoid damaging the sofas with hard cleaning.
  • You may also want to change your habits for better cleaning and maintenance of the sofa. You may choose not to have drinks or food while on the sofas. You can also teach your kids the importance of making the sofas cleaned and protected all the time.

General furniture cleaning and maintenance tips

Clean your furniture with soap and water where possible. You can use a damp cloth and mild soap. Rinsing can be done with a soap-free damp cloth. You can then dry the surface with another piece of cloth that is completely dry. To preserve the furniture after you have washed it, you should polish it. Generally, keep your furniture in an area of the house that is dry and free of moisture.

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