Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary or Is it Better to Grind a Stump?


When you’re removing a tree from your property, the last thing you want is to leave an unsightly stump. So, should you spend money on Portland’s top-rated tree care service and have the stumps ground or removed? Before we answer that question, let’s examine some benefits of each option.

When to Grind a Stump

When you grind the stump, it means that the tree care service company will use their equipment to remove any traces of roots and wood from where your tree once stood. This is done through an industrial-strength grinding machine which pulverizes everything down into sawdust-like material. Since there are no visible remnants left behind, this makes your property look nicer.

If you have thick roots underneath the ground, it’s difficult to uproot them completely, which means they’ll continue sprouting out later on down the road. This is why you should avoid grinding if you want to avoid future problems with these trees.

The main benefit of grinding a stump is that it’s much easier for the tree care service company to take them away from your property. As far as price goes, grinding a stump is much cheaper than having it removed because there’s no need to pay for extra equipment.

When To Remove Stumps

If you want the best-looking property with no trace of a tree ever being on it, then removing stumps is definitely the way to go. The trees are uprooted from their roots and then hauled away by the tree service company. This is why it is more expensive than other options; you are paying for labor and equipment to uproot them from their roots. However, if your property looks better this way, there is no reason not to remove the stumps completely.

The downside of removing a stump is that you have to pay more for it, and there’s a chance of damaging the surrounding soil. Since removal equipment is large, they will most likely need to dig out some extra dirt around your stamp, which may lead to erosion or other problems. Also, if the stumps are too close to a tree you want to keep, the removal process could damage it. That’s why it is important to use the recommended spacing between trees and other things on your property.

The major benefit of this method, though, is that it’s final. Because there are no roots left behind, you will not have sprouting problems in the future.

Which Method Should I Choose?

The best way to decide which option you should choose is to figure out what will look better on your property in relation to your budget. If you want the best-looking land with no trace of a tree ever being there, then it’s better to have them removed completely. This means that all roots are dug up and taken away by your tree care service company, leaving your property looking nice and clean. However, if grinding stumps is an affordable option for you, then that’s the best way to go.

Use and Disposal of Debris

When it comes to stump grinding, the tree care service company will let you know how they plan on disposing of all debris after they’re done. This usually depends on what type of trees were removed and if your property is located in a rural or urban area.

If you live in an area that’s considered more rural and has plenty of land for the tree care company to use, then they might leave your stumps behind. Since this is considered green waste, it will be turned into mulch and used for other projects in the future.

However, if you live in an urban environment where space is limited, there’s a chance that all the woody material could end up getting hauled away and thrown into a landfill.

For most people, this isn’t the best option because it’s taking up valuable space in these landfills which could be used for other things instead. If you want to help reduce your carbon footprint while also getting rid of the tree stumps on your property, then grinding them is certainly an excellent choice.

No matter what type of land you have or which method you choose, the tree care company will make sure to take away all stump debris and either use it for another project or dispose of it responsibly. You can also keep the debris if you want.

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